Persona 3 Film's Teaser Video Streamed

The official website for the upcoming film Persona 3 the Movie began streaming a 15-second teaser video for the film on Thursday.

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Summons752327d ago

Better be made into english as well! Persona 3 is the best Persona game in the series, Second best SMT game

Summons752327d ago

yupp, DDS would be my favorite as well

CaptainSheep2327d ago

Someone who agrees with me, finally. I think Persona 3's the best Persona game too. Almost all the other people prefer Persona 4.

cero552327d ago

Actually alot of people prefer p3, its just now p4 is getting all this hype with the anime,games,ect. but the persona fans are split in half for there i love of p4 and 3 both great games.

8bitHero2327d ago

i hope it takes place after FES. i seriously want to know if they ever save the protagonist since Elizabeth went to go find a way to get him out. i must know, do they save him or not dang it D:<

harrisonxxi2327d ago

IDC where's my persona 5.