QuakeCon Steam and Mobile Sales Have Begun, Over 20 Games (Including Skyrim) For $100

From August 2nd -5th, there will be a QuakeCon 2012 pack available for sale at one low price.

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BringingTheThunder2148d ago

$100 for 20 games with all of their DLC, crazy deal!

Christopher2148d ago

Crazy deal, but I'm thinking the majority of people already own more than a few of those titles that would partake in such a deal. Especially considering the crazy Steam Summer Sales.

fossilfern2147d ago

Anyone got Dawnguard yet for the PC and is it worth it ?

Hanuman2147d ago

New PC is coming in next week. First thing to do on my list..Install Steam!!

TrendyGamers2147d ago

It's the first thing everyone should do.