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barb_wire1933d ago

PS3 version is delayed until a further (not given) date. Sony still has to certify the 1.7 patch before DG can be released and AFAIK Bethesda hasn't sent the patch to Sony yet.

ChunkyLover531933d ago

Now people can stop complaining....hopefully.

r211933d ago

hey chunky, i think you forgot the PS3 crowd.

Outside_ofthe_Box1933d ago

I don't think he cares about them...

whothedog1933d ago

I will, pfffff Dawnguard.

taquito1933d ago

is it free on pc or.......cause um.....theres a lot bigger and better mods that are 100% free....

lol....just read it, $20.....yeah...if i did get it, it would be when steam drops it to $2.50

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