10 Games That Need To Appear on Oculus Rift With the Kickstart Project for Oculus Rift hitting it’s funding level within hours of going live, and dev kits definitely going out to some of the worlds leading game developers. We have put together a list of 10 must have games for this new and very exciting virtual reality headset..

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KMCROC542300d ago

The list was cool , but they need to remove Gears Of War Judgement. That's a console exclusive not allowed , if their multi-plats then by all means go for it.

kickerz2299d ago

I think they should leave gears of war there.. Have u seen the promo video for that headset ? Cliffy B from epic is very keen on it, and has a development kit for it.. So I think gears may very well support it one day.

KMCROC542299d ago

I just don't want those not owning an xbox to experience GoW-J, now if they put UC in the mix . then i have no quarrel

TheLeapist2299d ago

@PoSTedUP: Holy hell yes please. That and Amnesia.

MoveTheGlow2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Exclusives do not last forever, as they are business agreements, not some sort of sacred law. Keep in mind that Gears has three entries in the franchise and now a completely new spinoff; Epic and Microsoft might want to part ways with the exclusivity of that franchise in favor of something new and potentially more lucrative; who knows?

I'd guess that if Cliffy wanted to release something for it, though, it would be much easier to just resurrect Bulletstorm.

KMCROC542299d ago

I hope that partnership continues to blosom , but keep that franchise where it's at. Maybe bring Infinity Blade to this device or fornite.

kickerz2299d ago

commander keen? lol how awesome would it be though like a virtual reality world that was just 16 bit.. be crazy fun

smithgi2299d ago

You missed the most obvious one.

Aliens - Colonial Marines! that woudl be terrifying...

ApolloTheBoss2299d ago

Imagine playing Amnesia on this thing. :O Mother of God.