There is still hope: "GTA V" will be released in 2012 according to Pachter

The date of release of "GTA V" is planned for 2012, according to estimates by Michael Pachter, the analyst world's most famous gamer. We recall that yesterday, he was saying exactly the opposite, that in view of the last conference of Take-Two, everything pointed to 2013.

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versusALL2122d ago

I have a strong feeling that GTA 5 will not come out this year. I mean we've only seen like one trailer!

WeskerChildReborned2122d ago

One trailer and 2 screenshots to be exact. Oh yea and also all those ridiculous rumors.

LackTrue4K2122d ago

that and where in are 8th month...this year is over in 120 days.

HebrewHammer2122d ago

Why can't I get paid to make absurd projections like Michael Pachter?

It'll be 2013. How stupid.

HammadTheBeast2122d ago

I should be paid double to make somewhat reasonable predictions. Dont worry, you can still be my secretary.

bobshi2121d ago

It is funny isn't it. Every time he says something, everyone disagrees with him.

And yet every GTA fan wants this game yesterday.

And now he is saying that it may come sooner than you think, you would expect everyone to go 'at last the man is right!'

I guess that shows that people hate Pachter more than that want GTA to be in their hands.

HebrewHammer2121d ago

Or we hate what Pachter seems to be synonymous with: False Hope.

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xflo3602122d ago

well if patcher says 2012 thats confirmed it for 2013 then! lol

HammadTheBeast2122d ago

Now that's thinking Outside of the Box.

xflo3602122d ago

In all seriousness though, i really hope we see it this year. loves me a bit of gta!

Outside_ofthe_Box2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

lol @ HammadTheOne


I would love for GTA5 to come out this year, but it just doesn't seem likely. We all know it isn't coming out September(only 1 month away), October(2 months away, we would know by now if it was coming out in Oct.) or December(to late in the year to release a HUGE game like GTA).

November of this year is the only month that makes any amount of sense to release the game this year and I just don't see that happening unfortunately.

WeskerChildReborned2122d ago

Haha although i would like for Rockstar to announce a 2012 release date, i don't think it'll happen and best guess for me would be 2013.

Puddlejumper752122d ago

Was about to say the same thing. If this guy says it the opposite will happen.

The only people who buy the crap this guy spews are Sony fans because he is always proclaiming doom for anything Nintendo.

Outside_ofthe_Box2122d ago

Lets say it is true that Sony fans want doom for Nintendo. Why would Sony fans agree with patcher proclaiming doom for anything Nintendo when the opposite he says turns out to be true? So in your scenario Sony fans should actually hate his guts and Nintendo fans should be relieved.

Puddlejumper752122d ago

Yeah that would be true but you are also talking about the dumbest group of people on the planet.

They still believe after 8 years that nobody could produce a better chip than the Cell.
It doesnt matter that he is always wrong as long as he says what they want to hear.He knows his fan base. He might be wrong but I never said he was stupid.

Outside_ofthe_Box2122d ago

Ok, I see. You have personal issues with Sony fans.

Hellsvacancy2122d ago

"According to Pachter"

Stops reading

WeskerChildReborned2122d ago

I doubt it will come out this year. It would be cool if it did but their is barely any info on the game and we are in August.

ame222122d ago

So you want TAKE TWO to not talk about the game for a almost a year and just release the game sometime this holiday? Pachter, you are truly full of surprises.

AgreeFairy2122d ago

That's what Rockstar always does. They reveal a game, show off a bit of footage, stay quiet for months, and then a month before they release the game they push out a lot of marketing for it as well as tons of videos explaining the campaign & multiplayer.

ame222122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Not when the holidays are just around the corner. Even someone as big as R* would need to stretch their legs a little and by looking at their history, it's a no no. Rockstar always owned the April-May mark and I very much doubt they would want to change that with GTA5 either. GTA is not something that comes by everyday and according to Take Two's post earnings they aren't exactly in a good spot so I think they'd be far more delicate with a game that would ultimately be their savior.

shaneTsung2122d ago

why not that's what nintendo's doing with wii u

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