Mass Effect 3 to be a Wii U launch title, first images

Take a look at the first shots of Mass Effect 3 on Wii U.

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Puddlejumper752323d ago

I have zero interest in this series. Never had.Played the first and second some on PC but just never got into it.
Its just KOTOR with a new coat of paint. Bioware needs a new formula before they get me back as a consumer. I can only play the same game so many times before it gets old.

ChickeyCantor2323d ago

I never played KOTOR, so ME was a nice addition to my gaming experience.

Puddlejumper752323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I really liked it but after KOTOR1, KOTOR2, Dragon age etc it just seemed like more of the same. I really wish I could get into it because I'm really big into anything sci fi. I watch any crap movie from the 50's to now if it has some sort of sci fi element to it but I just could not get into this one series.

I'll spoil it for you since you wont likely go back. You play all way through the game only to find out you are the dark lord. You then have to decide between staying good or going back to being evil. I really enjoyed the story and twists more than anything.

AO1JMM2323d ago

"zero interest in this series"

Yet you took the time not only to look at this but to also go out of your way to post your so called opinion about it as well.


Puddlejumper752323d ago

Yeah I wanted to share my opinion like anyone else. Much the same way many people on a forum like this would..

Whats really sad is that I actually have to explain that.

I have zero interest in committing murder but that doesnt mean I dont have an opinion on the subject.

Now keep thinking you are some uber smart genius that knows it all. It makes it more fun to laugh at your stupidity

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32322d ago

Zero interests means you wouldn't click on the article, let alone write a comment about it. If you would've stated "I have LITTLE interest in this game" your comment wouldn't be scrutinized neither your reasons. And try not to throw the word "stupidity" around too much...

ronin4life2322d ago

Yeah, me too...
I never could get into KOTOR(which was partly just me), and thought every game after was essentially the same but worse(based on comments and descriptions from those who had played them)

You know a dev is overrated when they make a crappy Sonic the Hedgehog rpg that meets rave reviews... then fades away into obscurity because everyone realized it wasn't so good...
(Just my 2 cents...^_^;;;;)

TBM2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

already played/finished all 3 so this is not one of the games i would purchase on the wii u. same goes for batman.

AC3 i will finish on the console i started playing the franchise that's my PS3. so far the wii u only has 3 games i would purchase zombiu, mario bros, and rayman.

yabhero2322d ago

I just got Mass Effect 2 for PS3. I just read on Digtal foundry that the game does 20-25 FPS. This WiiU version looks more polished and digital foundry says that at E3 it was running at 60 FPS. So I'll be getting that for WiiU. I started the Ass. Creed series on PS3 and will get 3 on WiiU since the rep said it would be 1080p. I have Asylum on PS3... But armored edition will be awesome. New modes and better graphics and controls.
WiiU, PS3 and PC FTW!!!

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ChunkyLover532323d ago

I might actually be interested in this version, but I think I'd rather go with games I haven't already played. This and Batman Armored Edition might be the only exceptions, if I make an exception.

TekoIie2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I'm buying it because of the new backstory comic! But i am going to wait for what PEOPLE say about the game first. Not falling for those lying reviewers with the ps3 version of ME2.

It is 100% impossible that not one reviewer had their audio out of sync during cutscenes when just about 80% of all players experienced it so i dont understand how reviewers didnt pick up on it (btw this was the game since it happened to the 360 version to a lesser extent and had also been a problem with ME1 close to its launch).

Hellsvacancy2323d ago

Why dont you just watch the backstory comic on Youtube? im sure youll find it on there at some point

GoldenGamer2323d ago

Just what I want when I pick up my new Wii U, I get to experience first hand the consequences of buying the third game in a franchise built upon choices that have consequences and seeing the end of a story I've no idea about.

Robochobo2323d ago

Choices don't have consequences, there are only 4 ending choices, doesn't matter what you've done in the past 2 games...

TekoIie2323d ago

See this is what i find laughable. Did you really expect Wrex living or dying to open up new endings? Did you expect letting some Geth live in ME2 would some how change the entire possibility on how to stop the reapers? Lol did you want Conrad to open up new endings?

I really think people's expectations were waaay too high for ME3.

Robochobo2323d ago

@Pekolie, no, but you do realize that's what they promised. That your choices would effect the game all the way to the ending, and at the ending you get to choose from 4 different paths. It doesn't matter if both the Salarians and Krogans both joined your war effort, and it didn't matter if you got the Geth and Quarians to settle their differences and help you against the Reapers. It all ended the same. Single character's I know wouldn't help the end game in any way. But when you gather whole armies of different species, including everyone that's available, it's a bit sad to find out that someone else in the world who only did the bare minimum had the same ending as I.

PopRocks3592323d ago

Well the choices you made had an effect on the characters who were there and how they thought of Shepard and little things like that. The overall ending never changed, but little details about it were varied depending on what you did.

What I don't like is that people use this as an excuse to say that the entire trilogy was terrible, which I think is stupid. I can't see how a game's ending negates the fun you have playing it.

AWBrawler2323d ago

Right cos all wii owners only play wii games and don't have other consoles or friends and family with other consoles /sarcasm

I played ME 1 and 2

Lyr1c2322d ago

In that case, why not get it on the "other" console?

AWBrawler2322d ago

I was going to, but E3 happened and i was like "hell, I want a Wii U anyway, so I may as well wait"

t3rrorc3ll2323d ago

Good to see the wii u just might get the mature content the wii missed out on. Hopefully a lot more to come. Could be the re imagining of nintendo of the past with solid third party support.

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