Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Restored Content Mod

Many SWTOR players were fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and if you’re missing the game, there is now a new, fun option for you. One of the greatest Star Wars video games ever made is back, 8 years after its release. LucasArts is releasing a combo package called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection,

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donbhai0072320d ago

thta's awesome, i was just thinking about playing the kotor games again

Skate-AK2320d ago

I wish my Laptop could run these.

GoldenGamer2320d ago

If your laptop cannot run these I'm worried

Skate-AK2320d ago

It's a Sony Vaio with some Moble Intel 365 or something like that.

kamper2320d ago

The game is from 2004. YOu should be able to run it on your MOBILE PHONE