EA summer showcase details new information for Wii U, Madden, Fifa, The Sims 3, and Mass Effect 3

"In today's EA Summer Showcase, the company accounted several exciting new developments for the Wii U, as well as new information for its premier titles like the Sims, Madden, Fifa, and Mass Effect 3."


Mass Effect 3, Fifa 13, Madden 13 all confirmed for Wii U launch.

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WeskerChildReborned2328d ago

I'll probably check out ME3 on Wii U.

nrvalleytime2328d ago

Good choice. With the new controller, it might be the best ME3 experience.

Felinox2328d ago

Good to see wii u getting some 3rd party love.

DeadlyFire2328d ago

I do question why EA didn't shift everything they have to Wii U development like some of the PS3/X360 games and other titles. Likely will later next year and in the future when the new generation comes around.

wiiulee2328d ago

yeah will definetly be checking mass effect for the first time...cant wait to check out fifa wiiu too