SSX To Get Live Multiplayer?

Hardcore Gamer - Two screenshots were shared today that showed a ranking graph with real players. It seems as if these could point only to the much-needed addition of true online matchmaking.

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Hellsvacancy1999d ago

Traded my copy in ages ago, i wont be picking it up again

wwm0nkey1999d ago

Ok then? Don't see the point in the comment if you are already non interested.

This is pretty great news for those of us who still play it :)

galgor1999d ago

How about splitscreen multiplayer? No? Up yours EA.

Sarobi1999d ago

I really enjoyed SSX the most out of all the games I've picked up this year.. I really hope this feature comes

wwm0nkey1999d ago

Someone on NeoGAF posted this earlier today and they got a message from one of the developers confirming it.

Now the only question is when.

TopDudeMan1999d ago

SSX was awesome. One of the few games that I rented which I wish I bought.

FarCryLover1821999d ago

This is part of the reason that I didn't buy it in the first place. I know the older SSX titles didn't have multiplayer and many games don't need it, but this was a title that I was expecting multiplayer. I played the demo and loved it and was disappointed when I saw the actual MP component.

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