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Timmer2322d ago

When they showed the SmartGlass "draw your own play" at E3, you knew they were going to add this into the Wii U version.

TruthbeTold2322d ago

Or perhaps the more likely situation is that they already had this planned for the Wii U a few years ago when Nintendo gave EA one of the first Wii U dev kits...

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2322d ago

I would say the graphics look nice but they mostly show how the gamepad would work

Rainstorm812322d ago

Where is footage of the Vita version? This truly was a sneak peek

iceman062322d ago

Unfortunately, I hear that the Vita version is more of a Madden 12.5 than a full upgrade to Madden. The rumor from those that have gotten sneak gameplay is that it doesn't have the physics engine of the new game.

Rainstorm812322d ago

that sucks, the infinity engine is whats helping madden be a good game this year.

2EHO2322d ago

Yeah we need more gameplay than this to judge. But I think what people aren't realizing is these games aren't being built on the most up to day hardware. We won't see the potential of what Wii U can do until next round of games after launch period.

Puddlejumper752322d ago

I see a lot of potential in just that little bit. Remember new hardware means more than just a new coat of paint. Being able to adjust routes is a big help IMO and one of the things I enjoyed about the Wii version. This version will obviously have a lot more depth and online play will require more skill.

Hanuman2322d ago

I really don't understand the rules of American Football. Been to a game once when I was visiting Washington and afterwards really thought I got it...but..uhh..I didn't. Nice to see more and more WiiU footage surfacing!

calis2322d ago

Like anything, you're not going to understand it in one go.

Took me awhile (being a non-American) but it's probably my favourite sport now.

Puddlejumper752322d ago

It's not that complicated. You get 4 tries to move the football 10 yards or the other team gets the ball.Move it 10 yards and you start over with 4 more tries. Technically 3 because in most cases a team isnt going to try to move the ball on 4th down and risk giving the other team an easier chance to score.IN some rare cases teams will try on 4th down but not often

I think you are making things more complicated than they are. I am by no means a football fan or even a sports fan in general so if I can understand the game anyone can

iceman062322d ago

It's probably not the scoring and rules as much as the varied nuances that he doesn't get. The rules are simple, as you have stated. However, It's the importance of positions, playbook differences, offensive and defensive play, etc. How do you appreciate a sack if you don't know that it is NOT just a simple tackle? It's the plays within the play that take more than a few games to understand why they are important to the flow and outcome of the game itself. It's a bit like an American, that hasn't played soccer, truly learning why the sport is so loved by the rest of the world. I love it because I played it for almost 20 years. But, trying to explain that to my friends is almost impossible.

KumquatGOATBEEF2322d ago

Just like every sport, you're not going to know the rules of something you never watch/take part in.

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