The Most Unrelatable Narrators in Gaming

There's nothing quite like being able to really relate to the main character of a game. Having the ability to sympathize and empathize with your avatar does wonders to strengthen your bond with the story and allows you to really immerse yourself in a world. Having worked some pretty awful jobs in the past, I completely understand Manny's 9-5 apathy in Grim Fandango. Likewise, if my wife and kid got offed in a particularly gruesome manner, I'd be as much of a pissed off drunk as Max Payne is. And who doesn't love chasing ghosts, popping pills, and falling in love like Pac-Man? But what about those moments where you really enjoy a game in spite of its main character?

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GTRrocker6662324d ago

Niko Bellic sucked as a protagonist. He should have been a side character.

ChocolateGiddyUp2324d ago

Squall was a dick...I liked that.

He was the kind of guy who, if you called him unrelatable, he'd say "Whatevs," give you the finger and then go back to moping.

NeoBasch2324d ago

I loved Squall. I could definitely relate. Most introverts will.