Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Officially Revealed - Details Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that Electronic Arts has mistakenly sent the press releases of Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC prior to its EA Summer reveal."


Updated with release date

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adamant7152326d ago

"A while back, Bethesda teased a new Mass Effect 3 announcement."

Pretty sure you meant Bioware.. lol

nrvalleytime2326d ago

Yep. Fairly certain you're right. :-)

Mykky2326d ago

I'm totally obsessed with Mass Effect since i finished ME3 yesterday. I thought the ending was good. I downloaded the extended cut before I finished and I thought it was pretty cool.
I don't really get the hate for Mass Effect 3, I understand people getting pissed by the first ending but i don't see why someone hates the whole game. I actually thought it was the best one, at least story wise. ME 2 was just about recruting and it was not until the ending it really got excited. At least for me.

I'm defenitely getting this DLC though, I just want to play more Mass Effect!

stevenhiggster2326d ago

I agree with you about the game being brilliant, I loved it. I didn't like the ending though, I don't think it was as bad as the internet made out but it wasn't the ending I had in my head.
I do still think the first game was the best though.

Mykky2326d ago

Yeah, I kinda like bittersweet endings because I get very close to the characters and the universe. Though they could have made the ending much better by letting the choices you have done through the series really count.
I can't voice my opinion as I have not played ME 1 because I only have a PS3 and a mac that is not compitable with ME 1. Kinda sucks.

aliengmr2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

When you take away the secondary story arcs, which were very well written, you are left with a absurdly contrived plot which leads to even more contrivances. It really showed that BioWare was completely lost on how to end the series' main arc(the Reapers) and relied a series contrived plot devices, rather than good writing. Lack of time and poor planning are to blame. I also think Drew Karpyshyn leaving may have played a bigger part as well.

This, in a nutshell, is the biggest problem with the rest of ME3. But its overshadowed by the spectacular writing in the secondary arcs so the flaws go unnoticed until the end.

Mykky2326d ago

I think it actually would be better if they delayed Mass Effect 3 a whole year, giving them time to polish and make a incredible ending. Some parts seemed very rushed in my opinion, though I still really enjoyed the game.

I actually hope there will be a new Mass Effect game many years later after the reaper storyline, though it would be a bit wierd not to play as the Shepard I have grown to love.
When you think about how massive the ME universe is I think there is a lot of potential for new games. I just hope Bioware takes their time and that EA will hold their hands off.

da_2pacalypse2326d ago

This sounds pretty stupid.

Megaton2326d ago

I'll watch it on YouTube. Not gonna pump anymore money into BioWare or EA.

Nimblest-Assassin2326d ago

Everytime you comment, your avatar makes me laugh

TekoIie2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I'll buy it. You can boycott all you want I'm just gonna enjoy playing the game X3.

Besides the trailer reminds me of the mystery that i felt while playing through LOTSB so I cant wait to play this now!!!

Megaton2326d ago

The trailer just looks like the same old Gears in Space gameplay with a new reaper. I don't see any comparison to LotSB. LotSB was the reveal of a character introduced in the beginning of the series. Very important and well-crafted. This just looks like filler.

The Omega DLC will probably be the most interesting single player DLC they make, since it was cut from the game and turned into DLC.

TekoIie2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

So i say:

"Besides the trailer reminds me of the mystery that i felt while playing through LOTSB".

What i meant was that all we knew about the shadow broker before hand and what he does and a vague idea of how he does it (the selling of information). When i first saw the shadow broker the first thing that when into my head was "Is that a krogan?" because before hand his identity was a complete.... MYSTERY. Of course Liara clears that up for us.

So heres where the comparison comes along. What is the leviathan? Of course the word leviathan is sometimes used as an alternate name for the whale (a.k.a large animals/entities) therefore making us question what they are referring to as the leviathan? So how did you not manage to link what i said it reminds me about LOTSB to Leviathon DLC since i just presented a "mystery" within the dlc?

But of course you respond with:

"I don't see any comparison to LotSB"

........... Really? There's even a similarity to Arrival with the women who is CLEARLY going to try and kill the leviathan (if possible). Seriously this DLC is when you think about it a little predictable. Also all story based DLC for ME2 was amazing in its visual delivery, added a degree of mystery and was really fun.

No chance of me passing up the option to have just as much fun again!!!

Megaton2326d ago

Heh, you wanna play it yet you insult it with a comparison to Arrival, the one and only terrible DLC for ME2.

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