Madden 13 Confirmed for Wii U

IGN: "During its Summer Showcase today, EA announced that Madden NFL 13 is coming to Wii U. Madden will offer GamePad support for play calling and pre-play adjustments. Players can create custom hot routes by drawing paths on the GamePad during offense, or change assignments on the fly during defense."

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fight4love2321d ago

not in to NFL myself but its pretty damn big. Having it for the wii u is a must.

quantae062321d ago

This game was already confirmed a long time ago. I just want to see some gameplay of Madden Wii U already.

smash-brother-102321d ago

They shown a brief glimpse of WiiU gameplay during the EA Showcase an hour or so ago

2321d ago
AO1JMM2321d ago

Was there ever any doubt?

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