Console XP | Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition Review

Sir Ridge wrote: "This game places you on the beautiful island of Banoi right after a zombie outbreak begins. You begin the game by choosing one of four playable characters that you will spend your 20+ hour play through with. Although you get to choose one there is very little difference between them, other than their respective fury (special) attacks. The story and everything else remains the same. Your character wakes up in a zombie infested hotel to find that they are somehow immune to the deadly zombie bites. This immunity leads to you being the chosen one who must explore the island and get things done. Your character will level up and you get to customize your skill tree any way you want. As you level up you will get higher level, deadlier weapons, but the zombies will level up as well. I know some people were really bothered by the fact that the zombies levelled up with you, but I think it was important. Otherwise the zombies near the beginning would be retardedly easy to kill when you go back. Them leveling up with you stops the game from getting easier when you are sent back to areas you’ve already visited."

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MattyG2272d ago

Good review. I'm thinking about picking this up, but I can't decide between this, L4D2 or Crysis 2. I just want a fps that is a little unique. I've been getting bored with gaming in general lately. Need a new game to spice things up.

Eiffel2272d ago

I'd go with Dead Island. It's very fun with friends. You're not missing much with Crysis 2, or Left 4 Dead 2.

Kalowest2272d ago

Dead Island and L4D2, forget about Crysis 2. DI is awesome with 3 other ppl to play with.

MattyG2272d ago

I think I might go for L4D2. Does it have a lot of content?

Ramas2272d ago

this game sucks be warned.
bad story, bad voice acting and overall quite bad game.
if you like zombies i would recomend you the walking dead, dead rising or left for dead, but not this one.

sonicsidewinder2272d ago

I didn't find it a very fun game at all.

WeskerChildReborned2272d ago

Might pick it up again cause it's $20 at Gamestop.

Reverent2272d ago

I have to agrew with the 2 comments above. This game... just shouldn't have been released (at least not as soon as it was). It was (and still is) a complete mess. The voice acting is just absolute garbage, so anyone trying to take anything seriously will have a very difficult time. The story was also a complete disappointment. There was no epic discovery of how the infection came to be or why it became what it was, it was bland, and probably thrown together in 5 minutes.

However, if you don't care about story, voice acting, game breaking glitches, scaling enemies, long load times, and lasting appeal, the game is actually quite fun as far as finding weapons and killing zombies go.

Also, to be completely honest, Deep Silver tried to say that Dead Island was supposed to be ALL about melee gameplay, bur I think they only started that after realizing how terrible their gunplay mechanics were.

All in all, I've got no idea how this game is getting a GOTY version.

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