What Needs to Happen to Make Mega Man Great Again

I’m like many other gamers out there; I have a few video game franchises that I love, and I wish would do better. Mega Man is one of those franchises that have broken my heart (and many other’s hearts) on numerous accounts. It is safe to say that Mega Man needs some fixing. Below are five things that Capcom can do to make Mega Man great again.

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maniacmayhem2299d ago

I think a Mega Man game with HD hand drawn 2-D sprites would be perfect for this franchise.

Make it downloadable and give it that old school capcom platforming design. I for one would jump all over that.

Lord_Sloth2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

A game launch would be a good place to start.

shaneTsung2299d ago

maniacmayhem said it best, HD, 2D,and shooting from all angels.

BuffMordecai2299d ago

Have the rights to the game stripped away from Capcom and given to a far more competent Japanese developer.