PSA: Sexual Harassment Won't Help Improve Your Game

Please, when playing online, don't be that guy. In fact, you could end up looking really creepy and psychopathic.

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jc485732298d ago

guys like that need immediate medical attention.

GribbleGrunger2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

what is it with all these sexist articles? Some women are stupid and some men are stupid. Get over it

Diffraction_Fos2297d ago

Starting to get redundant and a little boring, basically going over the same "things male gamers do to annoy us" theme that gets churned out at least once every damn week. Makes you wonder whether the majority of female gamers out there have this "I'll flaunt my gender in your face but I'll throw a hissy fit if you acknowledge" attitude.

SolidDuck2297d ago

Being sexist actually makes me a way better gamer.

310dodo2297d ago

Can we sorta agree that like 2 out of 10 "gamers"
might be a dick?

other then that I have a blast playing online
way too sensitive people now invading my space's!!