Connor kills a Colonial in latest AC3 trailer, and it's refreshing

The latest Assassin’s Creed III trailer has emerged, and in it we see Connor killing not just British troops, but also American Colonists. This comes as pleasant news to those who previously saw Connor only kill Brits, but it will obviously strike a chord with many other people (especially patriots). In that case, it’s important to know exactly what Connor is fighting for. He’s not tied to a single side in AC3, and this means we may see the series return to touching on themes of grey morality that we haven’t quite seen since the first game in the series.

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ardivt1843d ago

"Connor kills a Colonial in latest AC3 trailer, and it's refreshing"

can somebody please shut down the internet before ww get more stupid headlines like that?

ThatKanadianKid1843d ago

How's it a stupid headline? People have been crying out that Connor hasn't killed a single colonial. I find it "refreshing" that they finally showed him doing so and Ubisoft stayed true to their word.

aliengmr1843d ago

So whats wrong with waiting till release? Why would they have lied about it in the first place?

Its one thing to be show a bunch of videos and get no comment from Ubisoft. But they did comment, so if they lied then everyone would have found out when it was released. Of course that means gamers have to shut their wallets until the Colonist kills are confirmed, which is asking a lot.

Frankly the whole controversy was silly. Not the one about killing only Redcoats, the one that required video evidence of Ubisoft's claims so people could sleep better for few months. That was silly.

MAJ0R1843d ago

They were probably just red coats disguised as blue coats. Conner is after all wearing blue.

It's not like it matters though, because in the end, the Americans won the war plain and simple. So, Conner will probably take their side.

TCG_Returns1843d ago

"the British were the bad guys."

Lets all just pretend the Americans didn't march up north, rape, plunder, and burn Canadian cites and murder native americans by the thousands.

Both sides of that war had their faults, don't try and act like the early American settlers were saints, hollywood does enough of that.

morganfell1843d ago

Yes, the Colonial was the bad guy. It doesn't matter how many games feature Americans as the good guys, there has to be at least one bad American in the game or the game is not allowed to go to reproduction.

This title is no different. People that despise America might not buy the game if they don't get their ah ha moment.

And TCG, let's pretend a lot of those Native Americans were not killed by other Native Americans that had allied themselves with the British (Huron, Ottawa, Algonguin, and most of the Iroquois Nation - Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, and Onondaga) while others (Oneidas and Tuscaroras) sided with the Colonials).

Let's also pretend the Americans didn't invade Quebec in order to free it from the British and thus sway the French-speaking Canadians to assist the Colonists. (It was for naught and the Americans were routed to Fort Ticonderoga by the forces of General Carlton but let's ignore that).

Yes there is a lot of Hollywood inventions we can ignore and let's also ignore some facts that in the process make American hating easier.

Shadonic1843d ago

Of course they would keep true to there word people just need to calm the hell down if they mention it multiple times and even hint at it being related to a big plot point of the story and people were still whining over it makes the trailer be a sort of here now STFU trailer.

WeskerChildReborned1843d ago

Why do people whine about it? It's just a game people


People need to learn that no war ever had good guys or bad guys. To start off, because the people actually fighting are just pawns most of the time, they are just fighting out of idealism, survival or as a job, they are not there choosing what is right or wrong but following orders.

And even on the commanding of things both sides always believe they are entitled to their ways, everyone argue to be the good guy, to be doing something right or justifiable... More usually than not they are actually moved by greed, no good guys to see here.

Generally the "good guys" is almost always the winning side... At least for some time. After a century or two people realize that it was (at least partially) wrong and we all face lame history correction (that oftenly don't correct anything).

People forget that at some time conquesting foreign land and slaving everyone was considered a demonstration of greatness for a nation... Or how the process to populate colonies was once seen as some kind of divine right. Many died over it. Even nuking Japan at the time was seen as a major victory despite the general agreement that no nukes should be used again... Right now some scholars already speculate that was a bad idea from "Allies" to move the Jews to Israel as another population was already there and this generated (oh the irony) another war. I won't be surprised if in 2100 people look back at the whole Muslim Spring becoming an all out war and blame it on western nations that invaded the middle east before.

War is a bad thing and even if sometimes it's a necessity (WWII), most of the time nothing good comes out of it.

strauser3601843d ago

What the hell is the difference who your slaughtering and why is it refreshing?

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Nitrowolf21843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

People were complaining about Ubisoft playing this nicely with America. They said you could do it, which people should have taken their word on, but no actual footage was shown about it yet.

This is "refreshing" because now we see that it isn't just a lopsided thing.

user54670071843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Well as I was saying in my comment below they still have a long way off before we know for sure it's not lopsided.

When I see a trailer where it's nothing but American kills and Connor helping the redcoats like so many trailers they've shown off in the past with so many redcoat kills and Connor helping the Americans THEN I will know it's not being lopsided.

Diver1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

mike your comment makes no sense. nobody cared that ezio was only killing power brokers in the catholic church. go ezio you go boy. I didn't hear any catholics crying about that. why? cause the borgias were a bunch a thugs.

what the hell do people think the crown in britain was doing to the colonist? thuggery pal. forced servitude imprisonment press gangs you name it. but oh ho ho looky looky connor isn't killing americans suddenly its lopsided. thanks for the self reveal.

nrvalleytime1843d ago

I find it funny that we now label killing "refreshing" at all.

Just saying.

Alos881843d ago

It's hardly surprising, a little known fact is that many professional athletes murder someone to help cool down after a hard day's work.

andrewsqual1843d ago

Take Chris Brown for instance, except he couldn't finish what he started.

Sony3601843d ago

I guess all killing in video games is something we should view with disgust and get no enjoyment out of.


Alos881843d ago

Wow, I didn't know there were so many easily offended old ladies on here, you'd think they'd be busy knitting or something.

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cjflora1843d ago

I personally have no problems if it were lopsided. The British were being dicks, and America fought back and won. Nobody is saying that Brits were and are currently evil creatures that can never be trusted. Everyone has a history of being douche bags, and in this particular war it was the Brits. Nobody in America is too proud of the whole slave thing, or what we did to the Native Americans. This game might even show off how poorly they were treated by Americans considering Connor is half Native. I'm not going to be offended by that. It was a shitty time, and yes we were assholes for it. Doesn't mean I'm going to throw a fit because Americans looked like the bad guys, because we were.

sthe561842d ago

Just remember that there were no pure americans at the time. there were british royalists and british colonists

Sony3601843d ago

Actually it is refreshing, and you need to get over it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I guess some support slave traders? They were pieces of garbage.. The american fore fathers.

TBM1843d ago

i don't care when i get this game i'm killing redcoats, and colonials if they get in my way. i will not favor one side over the over.

BadCircuit1843d ago

Here's an interesting debate about the fact that only Redcoats were killed in previous footage. I'm glad they are now showing that both sides have Templars.

Wagz221842d ago

Well wasn't this obviously going to happen, considering what colonists did to the native americans?

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user54670071843d ago

Right good start we just need an E3 trailer where Connor kills a ton of Americans then assasinates the American general, 4-5 gameplay videos of Connor helping the redcoats, a UK RISE traielr which DOSEN'T make us look like the bad guys and some screenshots of some epic Colonial kills.

Then were even...

No offense but he kills a ton of redcoats in this trailer then just two Americans very quickly. It still seems they are too scared to show anything graphic incase it hurts sales.

PockyKing1843d ago

I just think it's based on the fact that they don't want to give any clues as to whose the "bad" guy on the colonials side yet.

MAJ0R1843d ago

Either way this guy you're replying to seems to have convinced himself that the reason Conner hasn't killed many blue coats, is because Ubisoft doesn't want to offend Americans.

The real reason is that back in the day, the British were the bad guys. Their tyrannical king and queen wanted dominance over a society that wanted freedom. We got it. Accept it.

It's unfortunate though that this game divides people, when it should bring people together in realizing how terrible a monarchy is.

PockyKing1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Oh I know that, a quarter of the people here are taking this "game" waaaay too seriously. It's a game people, you aren't actually KILLING anyone lol, and if you think you are, well then maybe Fox news is right about someone said below, games like GTA have americans killing americans, shooting cops. Spec Ops The Line SPOILERS shooting American soldiers. The developers are trying to make the game historically accurate.

I think a lot of people forgot that Connor is the son of a native american woman and a British Soldier. That right there should tell you that his allegiances will be distraught.

Diver1843d ago

I hope connor is personally responsible for cornwallis showing his rear. I hope connor works with rogers rangers and picks off one red belly after another. I hope he organizes the boston tea party.

seriously mike your chip is the size of a cement block.

Nimblest-Assassin1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


Also... you know there are going to be more than 12 colonsits right? What your still upset?

Also... you obviously do not understand what they are doing with this game

Connor helps no one. Hes in it for himself. The e3 demo he snuck in to kill Cylus, who was a slave driver and oppressed people. Connor never lead the charge, or helped the americans get in... they planned that themselves

Connor never helped them... the E3 trailer he never helped them... he has not helped anyone... he just gets the information from them, those people are not giving him missions... he is on his own path


Do the words.. let the patriots fight their battle, Im here for the templar mean anything to you?

And really? A UK rise trailer? Whats for them to say? The brits are fighting a war for people who are seas apart

And we are even?


Now they do and now you go


Face it you took this personally... you were more upset at the british dying, than anything else.. so people you started calling the game pro american

Its a game for you to enjoy... don't like it? Don't buy it