What Happens to Your Used Games?


Belching, huffing and heaving, an 18-wheel UPS truck pulls up at the rear-end of a gray concrete, out-of-town warehouse. The driver steps into dizzying 100 degree heat as, noisily, the warehouse’s corrugated door rolls open. Forklifts glide into action, unloading pallet upon pallet, stacking them inside a massive loading area in the shade of the warehouse’s docking bay.

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NastyLeftHook02273d ago

What happens when you sell you're used games to gamestop? They put back up on the shelf and self it for 10 bucks more then you sold it to them for.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2273d ago

In other words they completely f**k over two people with one game.

Quick, someone get me a miniature violin.

Ducky2273d ago

More than two.
They screw the person who traded in the game, the person who buys the used game, and the people who developed/published the game in question.

Cosmit2273d ago

Apparently you don't know how to make money. You know they gotta factor in bills, employee pay etc?

slaton242273d ago

no they dont i live in georgia and i got naruto ninja storm 2 for ps3. I got home and opened it up and took instructions out to read it some and behind the booklet was a receipt...sure its still a gamestop but that receipt showed that the game was originally purchased in new your game does not go straight to shelf unless they dont have enough in stock...i actually asked the manager out of curiousity.

Hicken2273d ago

Because people from Jersey or IN Jersey never trade in or return games anywhere BUT Jersey.

For all you know, it was somebody who visited New Jersey, bought the game, and then returned it/traded it in when they got back.

Ninja Storm 2 isn't so rare here in GA on PS3 that they'd need to ship it in from thousands of miles away. There are a good 20-30 stores (if not more) in GA, and who knows how many in the surrounding states. The odds of them having to call all the way up to New Jersey to have that game shipped in are far less likely than the odds of somebody traveling in Jersey buying the game and returning it here.

That aside, if there ARE too many used copies at a store, they may be shipped to a warehouse, where they'll wait until another store elsewhere needs them. But that depends on the game, the store, the game's popularity in that area, and other such things.

Something like that, however, takes months to occur, if not longer. So the first thing that would have happened is that it would have sat on the shelf(or in backstock) waiting to be bought, while the store accrued more copies of the game, until there were so many that they had to be shipped off in what's called distro. Distro usually goes to another store(the receiving store calls it an RSB), unless there are enough copies in the surrounding districts(in GA, a district is about 10-15 stores here in the metro area). THEN the games would be sent back to the warehouse.

Dunno what manager you asked, but if he didn't tell you all of that, he hardly told you anything.

LOGICWINS2273d ago

"They put back up on the shelf and self it for 10 bucks more then you sold it to them for."

Of else do they make a profit?

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Derpy2273d ago

Being a collector, I almost never sell my games. Usely the only time I sell a game is if it offends me in some way or it's so bad that I can't stand it, but few few games ever reach that level. Once they're sold, I imagine that they get pawned off on some other poor sucker.

Hufandpuf2273d ago

how many games do you have?

Derpy2267d ago

I'm not really sure, but I do have quite a few. I havent been keeping track. Lol

Skate-AK2273d ago

I'm interested to know what games offend you? Just out of cureosty.

Derpy2267d ago

Being a Christian, I tend to be turned off by games that have a lot of using the Lord's name in vain and I don't like it when games start dropping f-bombs all over the place. It seems like it's taboo to pick on any other religion except Christianity. Furtunatly most of the time it's pretty easy to tell what games are going to be doing this before purchase, so I don't end up with games that offend me very often.

Moncole2273d ago

Being a PC gamer I dont sell games, I never spent more than 10$ on any game I have on Steam.

310dodo2273d ago

Id like to think they are bought and traded by other "gamers" at a reasonable price