New price tag revealed for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on Playstation 3

An online retailer has revealed a new price tag for the upcoming Playstation 3 release of Square Enix's MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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iamtehpwn2322d ago

Wow..only $40. They're really to lure people in. I'm currently a Final Fantasy XIV player, and I gotta say the game has come a long way and is actually pretty enjoyable at this point.

Godmars2902321d ago

Except there are two MMOs out and coming - DCU and Dust514 - which are both free to play and download.

A $40 title you then have to pay $15 a month to actually play isn't that good a deal.

Larry L2321d ago

Yeah, this MAY be the killer for me. This game looks SO amazing, that I was strongly considering breaking my "no subscription gaming" rule (I mean for gameplay, I'm a Plus subscriber for sure). This was all just ASSuming it was a free-download like DCU or Free Realms. But if I'm also paying for the game.......idk........

But still, at $40 it's something I may still consider. Gonna have to wait for technical details, like how many characters I can have on an account, and if I can share the account/subscription with another account on my PS3's so I can play with my father at no extra cost to us. We'll see.

Leonesaurus2321d ago

It's a good deal if your a Final Fantasy fan, and I can tell you right now, there's a FUCK TON of FF fans waiting on the PS3 to play this game for the past two years.

Since it's on PS3, there's no monthly fee like with Xbox Live, so it's not as taxing. On top of that, not everyone, like myself, is a DC fan nor is aware of what Dust514 is.

So for mainstream audiences, Final Fantasy has a pretty good shot.

However, you're absolutely correct about it having a possible tough sell with a portion of gamers that either can't afford a monthly fee or just refuse to pay for a high end game.

$40 price tag for a brand new, long lasting video game purchase, and the ability to download it online as well is a pretty damn good deal in my opinion.

If you're willing to adapt to a subscription fee, which in my opinion is worth every penny if you're getting a quality game that you truly enjoy.

2321d ago
Godmars2902321d ago

Think the point you're missing is, besides the issue that the general forming consensus is that most $60 aren't worth $60, is that many PS3 owners aren't really FF fans and even fewer FF11 fans. Which will make FF14 as hard a sell as $15 a month subscription. And last I heard paid subscription is mandatory, not that I've really been paying any real attention to Square or FF. Though I wish otherwise were true.

Leonesaurus2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


I get your point being made.

A) DC Universe Online and Dust514 (F2P vs P2P)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

My fair and honest reply to that is:

If your not a fan of First-Person Shooters (especially one being an MMO) nor DC comics in any way shaped or form, life myself, then those gamers would most likely not even bother with either of those two online games.

What I replied earlier to respond to that was the fact that many PS3 users are RPG fans and FF fans.

There's a long lineage of gamers that have been buying and playing Playstation hardware and games since FF first came to its console. And I said earlier that FF XIV would do just fine being released into that kind of atmosphere.

However, if there are gamers that like DC comics and or FPS games, they'd have to choose between the 3 games, and most likely, they'll go with the two that are free over FF XIV. Which is a fair assessment in that scenario.

However, for more gamers out there like me who aren't aware of Dust514 as much, nor really care for DCU Online, they'll probably give FF XIV a shot.

Especially if they're FF fans and/or have been waiting patiently for 2 years to anxiously play this game since its first launch.

However, when you said this:

"Many PS3 owners aren't really FF fans and even fewer FF11 fans. Which will make FF14 as hard a sell as $15 a month subscription."

I can believe to an extent the comment about FF XI, but if you think a large portion of gamers owning a PS3 aren't RPG fanatics or diehard Final Fantasy fans, then that is a little ridiculous to be honest with you. LOL

I can't tell you how many posts on various websites, youtube videos, blogs, or whatever, have asked me or someone else about the PS3 version in some varying degree.

Even on N4G I've seen a bunch of PS3 owners commenting on the game with various questions or just showing their excitement for the game to finally release on their console.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

To answer the second part of your original post:

"A $40 title you then have to pay $15 a month to actually play isn't that good a deal. "

If you buy the game now off Square-Enix's store you can not only get the game for $19.99 right now, but then upgrade that very same game when FF XIV re-releases and transfer your game to the new server, without having to buy the re-released $39.99 version.

However, that is only for the PC users. I'm very sure that with feedback post launch, that they would allow it to be a digital download off of Playstation Network.

And if you're a legacy member by now, you have a permanent discount of $9.99 for monthly fees, which I'm fortunate enough to have.

However, for PS3 players, they have to pay $14.99 a month (if your not a PS-Plus member, than you have no additional fees like the Xbox 360 gold users had with FF XI), and to add to that, there was a HUGE player-base not only the Xbox 360 version of that game, but for every platform that game was on overall.

I think when XIV gets settled in to the new version (if the game lives up to what fans are expecting) then it's going to do just fine.

Considering the game has survived for nearly 2 years without PS3 users or a majority of players attached, we still had a lot of people playing and got by really well.

FF XI is still doing very well 10 years down the road and they're still P2P because the users are getting multi-platformed, high-quality experience that is very different from most MMOs out there that I've seen and heard of.

Winter47th2321d ago Show
Sony3602321d ago

"Free to play"

Heh. If only it was that simple any more.

Duoma2321d ago

Not only that but *coughGuildwars2* which has no monthly fee. If they are going to charge a monthly fee they better have more than just pretty eye candy to lure people in and keep them.

On a side note if they keep any of that convoluted archiac menu crap and old ass gameplay mechanics from 1992, I'm not going to even go near this game again.

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Simon_Brezhnev2321d ago

Does it still have a monthly fee? If so i dont see it doing good on PS3.

CLOUD19832321d ago

yep that's the main reason it wont sell good no matter what they do, they must make it like Guild Wars buy&play w/o monthly fees & they can charge every 6 months for example for expansion packs.

WeskerChildReborned2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Yea agreed, i was gonna buy DC Universe online when it came out but when i found out you have to buy the game and pay for a fee, i totally lost interest.

ShoryukenII2321d ago

I don't understand why games do that. They don't need $60 then $15 a month. If they need sub money, why don't they make the game free to download and sub to play?

2321d ago
synchroscheme2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I actually think it will do okay on PS3, considering that there aren't too many MMO competitors on the platform, and the $40 price tag will likely be enticing for a lot of people.

PC is a different story. Not only will they have to compete with the already established MMO giants, but also with the upcoming Guild Wars 2.

I'm also curious as to what will happen with the old FFXIV. Will its entire fanbase jump ship? Will the game continue to be supported by SE or will it be eventually shut down?

Simon_Brezhnev2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Well i actually bought DCUO on ps3 day one. I paid 3 months it was a fun game. I just got sick of them long ass patches. You know mmos have a lot of patches.

Then again i just bought Guild Wars 2 so i have no hope for this game. GW2 is beyond amazing and trying a lot of new stuffs mmos never do. No monthly fee either.

Leonesaurus2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


"I'm also curious as to what will happen with the old FFXIV. Will its entire fanbase jump ship? Will the game continue to be supported by SE or will it be eventually shut down?"

Everything from the current FF XIV is being transferred over to A Realm Reborn. That means all of our character progression, gear, items, achievements, etc. are transferring over as well to both PC and PS3 versions of FF XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Everyone still playing the game is either buying it again for PS3, like myself, or sticking with the PC version when they shut the current version down permanently and transfer all of our stuff over while the FF XIV: ARR beta goes live for both PS3 and PC users around September/October.

Sensu2321d ago

Well, I see them working hard for the best results. I'll check out the game @ GamesCom, see if they made the progress the fans want to see. Maybe I'll even try and pull aside someone to answer some questions about fees or expansions...

adorie2321d ago

I'll be busy with guild wars 2. Good luck to SE though

Duoma2321d ago

Wow its amazing that people disagreed with you just for saying you will be playing GW2... whats there to disagree about, it was a simple statement, not you saying "everyone should play GW2"

I swear alot of you on this site are Butthurt fanboy-trolls. I mean, the guy even said "good luck to SE".

adorie2321d ago

I appreciate the sentiments.

I'm female btw. xD

Kaneda2321d ago

Is FF 13 Versus out yet?

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