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The Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline - Part 9: Warrior of the Dawn

GameXplain: "For six years, Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for the third game in the series. And now with six games in total, the plot is a near labyrinthine mess of connections and revelations. It's with that in mind that I have decided to unravel the plot of the entire series for those who may have missed the opportunity to play some of the spin-offs and those who just want a refresher before diving into the new game. Today we explore Part 9 of our ongoing feature." (3DS, iPad, iPhone, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP)

Eternalb  +   720d ago
How many parts does this go up to?
BitnerdGX  +   719d ago
There's still a lot of story to cover I'm afraid. To those that are wondering, the reason this feature is so long is because I made the conscious decision to cover every event that happens rather than just summarize. You can find summaries of Kingdom Hearts anywhere. With this Timeline, fans can read and experience just about everything that happens throughout the games. It's my belief that every little moment, even the non sequiturs in the Disney worlds, add up. These moments create a better foundation for conveying the emotions of each of the characters rather than saying "this happened and he felt bad."

In the end, I wanted to write something that I would enjoy reading as a fan as well. I just want to give a big "Thank You!" to everyone who has read it all up to this point. Only 3 more games to cover!
noxeven  +   719d ago
No idea but gotta be close to done. Kh story isn't that complicated last I checked. Well I mean if you haven't played it since 2 then ya but if played all the versions from one till ddd then u know what's going on. I just want a console release again
newsguy  +   719d ago
These articles are so in-depth!

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