CGM Hardware Review: Game Genie for PS3

The original Game Genie was released in 1990 by Galoob for the Nintendo Entertainment System and it was, for all intents and purposes, a “hack n’ patch” cartridge. You attached your game cartridges to the Genie, which in turn was inserted into your NES. From there, you could input simple alpha-numeric codes that could potentially do everything from making you invincible to giving you infinite cash. Game Genie eventually went on to support the SNES, Gameboy, Genesis and even Game Gear. Unfortunately it wasn’t as profitable as Galoob hoped and the company went out of business with the Genie itself fading into gaming history. At least until now.

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jjb19812325d ago

Somebody will hack the game Genie and introduce unfair cheats in multiplayer modes... It's.......all........bad. .....

Ron_Danger2325d ago

Then you just report the cheater and move on.. Problem solved...

DarkTower8052325d ago

Haha, reporting a player never solves anything, especially when new accounts are so easy to make.

prototypeknuckles2325d ago

i think this will benefit us gamers more because i heard that the game genie will unlock disc locked content.

Dark_Overlord2325d ago

If that is true then i'll be getting one :)

Trading Standards have said it wouldn't be illegal too ;)

It'll teach companies like capcom to stop ripping us off with on disc DLC