Why Grand Theft Auto 5 can wait till next generation

OXM UK writes: "Good things come to those who wait, and we've certainly waited long enough for Grand Theft Auto 5, the next, California-bound chapter in Rockstar's fame-making open world series. When the debut trailer arrived, the game was tipped for current generation release, but Take-Two's elusiveness on the subject in a recent chat with investors suggests the publisher is strongly considering a bump to Xbox 720 (and whatever Sony and Nintendo end up calling the successors to those other consoles we don't discuss). Tragic news, right? Not necessarily."

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ab5olut10n2324d ago

won't happen, it'll be on this gen.

LOGICWINS2324d ago

You may need to prepare yourself for something you may not want to hear. Just recently, Rockstar said that GTAV is making "substantial progress". That doesn't sound like a game thats close to being finished yet. I would have expected to hear something like "we're in the final stages of development" or "we are currently in the beta stage of development". GTAV could be the game that pressures gamers into investing into next-gen consoles earlier than they originally would have.


GTAV will launch on the Wii U as a timed exclusive...with inferior versions on the PS3/360 to arrive next fall.

doogiebear2324d ago

Once again Logic Wins succeeds at being the most clueless guy on N4G. Your trolling right? Gta as an early Wii U exclusive? Your Logic fails.

SeanScythe2324d ago

Why when we still have games pushing what the current Gen can do like the Last of Us? If GTA5 is anything like GTA4 they can keep it and keep working on it. The only part of that game I liked was the Multiplayer cops and robbers mode.

guitarded772324d ago

Just enjoy it this gen since developers know the hardware and can make the best game possible. Next gen you can enjoy GTA VI.

unchartedxplorer2324d ago

No GTA V WILL release this gen

ame222324d ago

It should wait. It would be a healthy move for the industry overall to incentivise more gamers to jump on board earlier for next-gen.

_Aarix_2324d ago

healthy? You'll get the most profits this gen because all the audience is here. Next gen it'll sell significantly worse cause not a lot of people will migrate right away. Plus learning new hardware/ reworking this all in a year? Yea, good luck with that buddy.

ame222324d ago

I don't think what I said implied eliminating a release on current platforms. In other words, cross-gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.