GI September Cover Revealed: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Headlines Our Co-Op Issue


We’ve got an exclusive first look at the latest game in EA’s flagship co-op series, Army of Two. Visceral Montreal is taking a new approach with The Devil’s Cartel, emphasizing mature storytelling over the series’ divisive high-fiving antics. The studio is focused on pushing forward instead of dwelling on the past, starting with two new characters, Alpha and Bravo. They’re determined to leave their mark during a deadly mission in Mexico, which is all possible thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine’s destructive capabilities.

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Emilio_Estevez2324d ago

Sounds like some nice Co-op action!

JohnApocalypse2324d ago

Let hope it will be better then last years Cartel game

VTKC2324d ago

The first game was good. The second was awful. i dont like the word Cartel because the last game that had the word Cartel in the title-was absolutely dreadful of a game.

JellyJelly2324d ago

I thought the second was great. Played it in co-op though.

ab5olut10n2324d ago

agree the first game was good, flawed but good. it's like they didn't even look at their previous mistakes when making 40th day. hopefully this will get it right.

Pwnage2u2324d ago

The second game was god awful.

Der_Kommandant2324d ago

Visceral games?
Frostbite 2?

Throwing credit card at the screen

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