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Covet is Multiplayer Thief: The Dark Project

Covet is a peer to peer world builder game where you stealth into the estates of other thieves and rob them blind. With the spoils of your burgles you build your own hideout / mansion on your estate to show off your wealth. (Dev, Industry, PC, Thief: The Dark Project)

DeathProof  +   1094d ago
Lord_Sloth  +   1093d ago
That was my idea. Curse my inability to get a team of programmers together!!!
SilkBD  +   1093d ago
Actually, I think this guys is doing it solo.
Lord_Sloth  +   1093d ago
And that's fine if you can program, which I cannot. All I can do is draw, write, compose music, and voice act.
starchild  +   1093d ago
I can't even keep up with all the interesting-sounding PC games.
synchroscheme  +   1093d ago
Definitely something to keep an eye on. :)
andibandit  +   1093d ago
What the hell is a:
" peer to peer world builder game "
LightofDarkness  +   1093d ago
Minecraft. And this, apparently.
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SilkBD  +   1093d ago
So basically, you're building your house... and it's single player, right?

Wrong... by virtue of being in the game building your house, you're connected to the networks and listed on the tracker as being online.

Any thief can connect to your game peer-to-peer, sneak in and rob you.

You may think you're alone, minding your own business building your house... but there are thieves in the shadows watching you, waiting for you to step away from your gold chest.

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