Okami HD clip: Amaterasu's revival

Capcom released a new video for Okami HD.

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rataranian2210d ago

This game was never a bad looking game to begin with. I don't see how making it hd would make it any better or make that much of a difference.

Alos882210d ago

It looks more crisp and colorful to me now.

rataranian2210d ago

The colors I can see are more vibrant and stuff. idk. maybe its just me. I still think the original was beautiful.

SlapHappyJesus2210d ago

Colors are definitely better.

Other than that, the higher resolution means that the game will display better on HD televisions.

smashcrashbash2210d ago

Are you kidding? Can't you see how much more beautiful it is?

KrimsonKody2210d ago

I think the game looks great!
However, I do believe this game is in desperate need of some voiceovers.
Yes, it could/would be alot of work, but the game is definitely worth it.
I enjoy reading @ times, but as of late, I've been really spoiled by audio dialogue in my games.