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"Back when the Vita launched we saw a vast selection of genres. These ranged from fighting to shooters to even RPGs, but there has been a lack of puzzle games. However this is about to change with Dokuro, which combines unique art with puzzle/platform gameplay. While these elements usually go well together, will that be the case for Dokuro or is it a disappointing mess?" - JPS

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admiralvic2273d ago

Love the art and awesome news that it's in English!

SandWitch2273d ago

That's a high score. Honestly I were looking forward to this game, but didn't expect much from it. I thought it would be just another "meh" game like Sumioni. But if the trend of good scores continues I'll have to definitely try this game.

admiralvic2273d ago

It's only 30 + shipping to import it, so it's not that high of a cost at all.

DigitalRaptor2273d ago

This game (along with Guacamelee) looks like an awesome 2D platformer. Then there's Escape Plan. Some brilliant original titles coming to the Vita and people are spelling failure because it doesn't have enough original games. Soul Sacrifice is another. In fact it doesn't need just original titles to be great. LBP Vita looks like one of the greatest portable games ever.

admiralvic2273d ago

A lot of sites are just looking for views. Every console prior had this happen and will most likely happen with the WiiU. People will overlook Rayman Legends and talk about Ninja Gaiden 3, Tekken Tag, and Batman.

jobboy2273d ago

ia this game supposed to be psvita only?? i cant find it on the japanese store for my ps3!! too bad i just bought a psncard just to get this game :(

Ult iMate2273d ago

First, gamers blame PSV for not having original titles. Then, they complain, they want original PSV titles for home console. Oh, the hypocricy.

jobboy2272d ago

not at all, i simply dont own a psvita!! Blame on some internet articles reporting this game for ps3 also :)....i was reckoning maybe it's just a question of time the game will be ported...