Polyphony Digital Focusing Development on Gran Turismo 6

GT5 to receive fewer updates as Polyphony Digital focuses on new title.

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Objective2326d ago

Uh good luck Polyphony, make it happen faster and something better this time huh?

MidnytRain2326d ago

Judging by your disagrees, someone wants to wait a long time for a game worse than its predecessor. o.o

jimbobwahey2326d ago Show
2326d ago
jimbobwahey2326d ago

I wouldn't say it's fact at all, merely personal preference. I've played and own the games in both franchises, and I just find it embarrassing when someone tries to paint one as better than the other, especially when trying to pass it off as fact.

There are plenty of things that GT5 absolutely blows FM4 out of the water at, and vice versa. Both games excel in different areas. Trying to proclaim one as king just demonstrates that you haven't played both games to be honest.

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CernaML2326d ago


lmao Is that an invitation for me to join your website and get into that debate? My oh my that could be the biggest mistake you've ever made... I'll think about it.

Autodidactdystopia2326d ago

I played GT5 I got a ps3 off craigslist to play it

Im looking foreward to getting the ps4 off craigslist when 6 comes out in order to play it.

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ProjectVulcan2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Confirmed GT6 in 2017 :D can't wait lol

Seriously though guys get some more staff and get this game built quicker than the last. I want more than 1 GT game a generation, 2 is the sweetspot IMO.

One early on and one nearer the end of a machine's life. GT3 + GT4 were perfectly timed.

We don't actually know the platform for sure GamerSciz if you read the interview elsewhere....he is asked the platform. He does not confirm. Maybe we will get two versions?

So while you assume it will be fast and on PS3 that may not be the case.

GamerSciz2326d ago

The game will be much faster then the previous as one can only expect it to be one of the last PS3 titles. That means that the engine they currently have will simply be upgraded/modified. Not built from scratch like GT5 was (for the most part). So one can only expect GT6 to not take as long.

Raf1k12326d ago

Removing those useless cars most people never touch should help speed up the process. Do we really need three different varients of the same car?

I like that they try to have a complete collection of cars but does anyone really buy GT games so they can drive a Volkswagon Golf?

BitbyDeath2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Every Playstation so far has had two GT games.
I expect we'll be getting an announcement for it very soon, possibly at Gamescom

HelloHowAreYou2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Something better this time? Have you hit your head or something?

I do admit it the car models could have used a bit more polish, but the game is still selling to this day.

Just this week the game sold about 17,700 copies with a global total 7.73m. This game can be a 3.5 and it would still sell because of it's history and iconic status.

Just like Halo and Call of Duty have their FPS shooting tournaments and sponsorships from other brand name Sony and Polyphony does this as well.

The series has been involved in sponsoring various real-life sporting events and teams, including D1GP since the 2008 season, the first chicane on the Mulsanne straight at Circuit de la Sarthe, and racing teams such as Pescarolo Sport, Audi/Oreca, Peugeot, Abt Sportsline, Signatech-Nissan and Audi A4 DTM.
Racing drivers

Winners of the Gran Turismo Academy include Lucas Ordóñez, Jordan Tresson and Jann Mardenborough, who have all gone on to compete in professional real-life racing.

With a new bundle coming out for Gran Turismo, the sales for this game will increase even more

PirateThom2326d ago

The car models could have used more polish?

I can think of a lot of things that need polish in that game but the car models, the premium models for GT5, are far above everything else on the market.

NastyLeftHook02326d ago

His comment history

Uh good luck Polyphony, make it happen faster and something better this time huh? #1
1h ago by Objective | View comment
I can see Wii U online possibly surpassing PSN, but Xbox Live will be hard to beat. #2
24d ago by Objective | View comment
Horizon for sure. It is going to breath a much needed fresh breath of air to the genre, and it being related to Turn 10, you just know they are going to do it right. NFS is just getting old, tired and out of ideas. #10
28d ago by Objective | View comment
1st disagree wasn't from me, but why so surprised that your comment will invite disagrees from rational minds? Forza has brought so much more to the driving game genre, pushing the boundaries every time. #2.1
29d ago by Objective | View comment
The Forza franchise is really taking off to a stratosphere no one else can come close to. They have made substantial improvements to the simulation series with every instalment, and now they are going to explore other genres of racing. This is what it should all be about, breaking barriers and exploring new horizons. #1
29d ago by Objective | View comment
MS is winning full stop. #3

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jimbobwahey2326d ago

GT5 is absolutely awesome and I'm excited to see what they do with GT6. I think I'm most eager to see what changes they make to the course creator really, if they allow for deeper and more complex editing, and what new themes they integrate into it.

Hoping to see a lot of great tracks from GT4 make a return too!

Bonerrr2326d ago

GOOD! and for god sake, Gran Turismo doesn't belong on a handheld...
"buuu gt5 psp sold"........
It also played like a c*nt.
Lets hope Polyphony keep their dignity this time and concentrate on their most important Platform.

majiebeast2326d ago

Vita version would work though same controls as ps3 cept for l2 r2.

Bonerrr2326d ago

Gran Turismo is a simulator, it's designed with a wheel. It should be played with a wheel.
The over-exaggerated over-steer doesn't fair well for me and it didn't fair well when i owned the PSP version.
I'm sorry but games like GT/Forza should stay on a solid platform.

Jio2326d ago

Please please please add real damage and make it have a world map like GT4, not the boring lifeless menues.

Gorbenshore2326d ago

yes, I agree, real damage is needed

Knushwood Butt2325d ago

Mechanical damage would be good, but if they did that they need to improve the CPU AI too, and also the physical properties of the CPU cars.

I'm fully aware you're supposed to avoid contact with other cars, but sometimes you will want to take some risks. I hate it how, when there's contact, it's as the CPU car is a WWII tank, and your car suddenly inherits the properties of a ping pong ball.

That, and a few other things aside, I'm a massive fan of GT5 and playing it to this day.

Gorbenshore2326d ago

Hopefully vehicle destruction will be more realistic. Still a great racing sim/game

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