5 Toughest Gaming Achievements Ever

WC writes:

There was once a time, I remember it well, when achievements meant only personal victory. Defeated Ruby Weapon in FFVII? Yeah right, I don’t believe you. Made it to the real ending of Ghosts and Goblins? Bollocks you did. Got past the Hoover Dam level on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Why are you such a dirty liar?

But you would know and you could hopefully feel secure in the knowledge. Then again, what good is a gaming achievement if nobody believes you? No good is the true answer.

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M_Prime2301d ago

i have the GTA one and the MW2 Mile High Club, all the GEARS SERIOUSLY 2.0 and 3.0 is just a major time investment

Dark_Overlord2300d ago

Dead Space 2 on Hardcore? Really? that was very easy (I did it in 1 sitting with 0 saves) I can think of far harder achievements/trophies.

Zichu2300d ago

Got the Mile High Club from MW1, was a pain, but I did it. For some reason, I did that last level on the PS3 way back and it was easier, on the 360, it was harder...

I haven't played the other games except for GTAIV. I am no where near completing GTAIV though. I've only just finished the DLC (still need one more achievement for TBoGT). I have also gotten to the second island and I think I'm close to the third island.