The Monsters of God of War: Ascension – The Elephantaur

PlayStation Blog: God of War: Ascension’s Elephantaur is a Minotaur hybrid unlike any ferocious enemy you’ve seen yet in the God of War universe. You could call him an evolution of the Minotaur… or perhaps the beginning? We’ll let our famed concept artist Izzy answer that for you. Let’s roll.

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DivineAssault 1633d ago

The Elephant people! I dont mind new monsters.. I think Kratos has killed every type of greek mythical beast ever created.. Keep em coming Santa Monica

Fishermenofwar1633d ago

I could take him......Just saying...

Moby-Royale1633d ago

I won't forget that you said that..... elephant.. never... forgets...

:( I hate myself....

*puts gun under chin*


Not today.

FinaLXiii1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

God of War games have such high quality standards it never stopps to surprise me.