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From the review: "When Steel Battalion Heavy Armor was announced some time ago, I was looking forward to seeing how the game would translate over to this generation. However, as I have found with the few Kinect games I have played, I left disappointed and incredibly frustrated."

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LostDjinn2324d ago

So the games' reviewer says it's broken("even basic kinect controls") and gives it a score of 7?

Makes sense.

*shakes head*

samson-12324d ago

Would a 6 make you

LostDjinn2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Thanks for stalking. It's always nice to have fans. Even if those fans create copies of themselves to pretend they're not just sad isolated losers.

As for the article, no. A six wouldn't help. A coherent review with an appropriate score sure would though. ;)

Edit: Missed an n. Damn keyboard must need fresh batteries.

samson-12324d ago


Wait, so his opinion of the game doesn't count but yours

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Shadonic2324d ago

reviewers seriously need to take more time with kinect games because there obviously rushing through it and over all don't understand how to make the kinect work for them. The demo works great for me but not for reviewers who are getting paid to take there time and play a motion game ? its just crazy, take a look at angry joe has say a good 60-100,000 subscribers of people who are basically listen to every word he says but when you look at his gameplay video hes not even trying to play the game at the optical conditions there's a flipping table in between him and the kinect hes sitting on a couch when hes supposed to be in a chair and hes also slouching forward when hes supposed to be sitting up straight and blames the game and not his stupidity. So now we actully have a real hardcore kinect title that people wanted being bashed by reviewers who cant figure out how to use a simple control scheme or setup.