Good riddance: the death of online gaming's monthly subscription model

ARS: We're calling it now: the era of paying for online games with a regular subscription fee is officially dead and over with. The concept of paying a regular, flat fee for access to game time has had a good run since apparently getting its start in the mid-'80s, and the business model will no doubt continue to limp along for a while in some corners of the industry. But it seems obvious now that offering online games for free, and monetizing players once they're hooked, has fully replaced this outdated business model.

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zeal0us2297d ago

Hopefully future AAA MMOs will go the B2P rather than P2P.

WeskerChildReborned2297d ago

Yea buy to play is definitely better.

unicronic2297d ago

It's a sad state of affairs. I think the pay to play model would benefit from having a smaller monthly charge than abolishing it altogether.

Two reasons for this. It is hard to value something that is free and why spend all this time making something if your business model is very risky.

The_Kills2297d ago

Well at least we still got Runescape

mochachino2297d ago

What about Xbox Live? It's essentially $5-$10 a month for MP.

Shoshoman2297d ago

Why would you pay more for multiplayer on an Xbox when you can play pc games multiplayer for free?

mochachino2297d ago

I agree that paying for MP should go away, I just don't think it is, if anything, I think it will get worse.

Just wait for publishers to charge for MP access, it's already starting with premium and elite services where people are paying another 50 dollars to not have restricted online features and content for a year.

Derpy2297d ago

So now instead of charging gamers a fee and monetizing them when they get hooked, they let them in free then monetizing them once they're hooked. Though I have played a rare few free to play and freemium titles that are done okay, most of them run me off with their constant badgering to buy stuff. While I don't mind paying for what I play, I do not at all like being constantly interrupted and badgered to buy stuff.

Drug dealers know they can get people hooked by giving them the first one free, and that seems to be the idea behind free to play games as well. Some of the free to play games I've seen would end up costing a lot more than just paying for a game would if you choose to stay with them. I can't understand why people let themselves get worked over in that manner unless they're so hooked that they have to get their fix.

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