Top 10 Embarrassing Achievements

The internet is rife with achievements guides and communities who assemble to help each other better their gamerscore and pursue an endless number of points in hopes of bettering their gaming competitors. So why not create a list of the shameful and down right dirty games that we jump head first into pursuing that elusive perfect score?

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rufusman911847d ago

I was proud when I looked up Juliet's skirt.

TekoIie1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I earned more than 1 achievement that day ;)

tigertron1847d ago

I was proud when I looked at Lexine's ass in Dead Space Extraction.

rezzah1847d ago

I wasn't even paying attention to her ass when i suddenly got the trophy.

The focus might of been on her ass, but my eyes were elsewhere.

level 3601847d ago

No mention of Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360.. thought the character design on that game was way more beautiful and voluptuously done compared to all of the DOA Series.

The controls pad set-up was a bit clunky though.

KrimsonKody1847d ago


"Mmm, yes, I see...
...sooo did the controls appear to feel clunky before, during or after having played DOA?"

Legion1846d ago

"The controls pad set-up was a bit clunky though." Maybe because the controls were not meant to be played with one hand only? j/k

KrimsonKody1847d ago

I'm currently playing MGS HD, & I'm trying to get Snake caught "relieving" himself trophy.
I did it years ago. I believe Otacon busts you (no pun).

That's an embarrassing achievement within itself,
"remembering" just how to get Snake off?

guitarded771847d ago

I was thinking of that one too.

kesvalk1847d ago

ppl are this serious with gamerscore?

i know some gamers like to flaunt their e-peen to everyone else on the planet... but this is ridiculous...

DarthJay1847d ago

Every plays their games the way they want to. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing. If someone else enjoys it, why would you care?

cuddlemonkey1846d ago

Achievements , one of the reasons I prefer Xbox over ps3, seriously, they actually make me replay games I would shelve had it been tropheys.

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