Iwata: Nintendo's basic strategy is to expand the gaming population and make people smile

ONM writes: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata outlined Nintendo's strategy in a personal message delivered in Nintendo's annual report. Once again, Nintendo's aim for the future is to expand the gaming population across the globe but he also wants the company's games to make people smile.

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miyamoto2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

" make people smile "

I thought The Beatles made people smile many years ago. LOL!

" expand the gaming population across the globe"

so its the same old Wii strategy... wait for the newborn kids be old enough to hold a controller ...I get it. Bam1 gaming population expansion! Same ole Mario game is waiting for the next generation of kids.

what happened the hardcore strategy?

Irishguy952323d ago

This new strategy makes more money.

iamnsuperman2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

It made money because at the time there wasn't a really a cheap social, mobile platform to play games on (i.e. a credible competitor in this area). I am not sure how they are going to expand the gaming population when millions play social/mobile gaming.

tigertron2323d ago

Yes, but its very short term. If you look at Nintendo's current position they're not doing so well right now.

Still, I'm sure the Wii U will be a success.

Jadedz2323d ago

Nintendo has specifically crafted a Controller for traditionalist who prefer the "regular controller with thumbsticks" method. It's called the "Pro Controller" (not sure if it's the device's official label), both thumbsticks are symmetrical to each other (to appease the Sony fan base), and it's form has been inspired from the Xbox 360 (with slight enough alterations to prevent an infringement lawsuit).

The Wii/NDS was developed for "anybody, and everybody" in mind. The NDS achieved what it said out to accomplish, though the Wii was considered a novelty device by a certain amount of traditionalist gamers.

Nintendo isn't trying to directly compete against their others rivals. My understanding is; they want consumers to accommodate the Wii U with their everyday electronic devices (Basically - Wii U/ PS3/4, Xbox 360/720, Tablets, Smartphones, Androids).

2323d ago
ChickeyCantor2323d ago

"what happened the hardcore strategy?"

It auto evolves.
People who call themselves hardcore had their hormones kick in.

I'm 24 myself and I can enjoy Nintendo titles. And there is always thirdparties/PC/Steam

AWBrawler2322d ago

you talk is if mario is a bad think, or as if expanding the market is bad. And Nintendo still makes hardcore games, but their Blue Ocean games like Mario, just sell more.

metroid is hardcore
zelda is hardcore
steel diver is hardcore
advance wars is hardcore
fire emblem is hardcore
pokemon can be considered hardcore
f zero is hardcore
starfox is hardcore
disaster day of crisis is hardcore
Nintendo is working with tecmo on Ninja Gaiden 3 which is easily hardcore
kid icarus is hardcore
cursed memoirs is hardcore
i could do this all day..........

ALLWRONG2322d ago

Nintendo just does what they been doing for the last 30 years. It works.

doogiebear2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I love Nintendo. Glad they're making money. But ever since Iwata has been heading things since the Gamecube to the Wii, I think he's clueless when it comes to what core gamers want. I'll be skipping on the Wii u. They'll never return to the NES, SNES, N64 glory days. Only casuals are kept happy.

AWBrawler2321d ago

I'm not a casual, and I'm kept happy

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CommonSense2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

no business for profit in the history of anything has ever set out to "make people smile."

it's just marketing.


"Nintendo's basic strategy is to maximize profits by providing a product (or service) that they believe people want to buy."

just like every other business

Salamander2323d ago

"no business for profit in the history of anything has ever set out to "make people smile."

Case in point, arent comedians in the business for profit?. Would it not be fair to say that Nintendo are also in the business to make people smile? afer all would they be where they are now if they did not make people smile?

I know your not having a dig at Nintendo, your just using your common sense. But im sure everyone understands that they are a business just like any other. If they can make you smile, then it just might be worth every penny.

Puddlejumper752323d ago

Yeah cause unhappy consumers are always willing to give you more money.

Grats kid so far you got the dumbest comment of the month on N4G but its early so youmay lose it.

Farsendor12323d ago

well hopefully some of those new gamers became hardcore gamers.

games are games and if casuals want to call themselves gamers i say let them.

they become gamers and the gaming world grows which means more games.

user54670072323d ago

I don't want the gaming population to expand, they tried expanding it and succeeded with the Wii bringing in the casual audience term and now developers have become to focused on widening the audience instead of focusing on their already established fan base

You either like games as they are or you don't...whats the point trying to convince someone to be interested in games.

mike1up2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I am trying to be less confrontational (2 positives, then a negative)...

Postive: I think that I know what you are trying to say, "stick with your base". I respect, and agree with that statement. The music industry is a great example. Imo too many artist/bands sound completely different by their 2nd or 3rd albums. There is nothing in this world that turns a "true fan" off more, than betrayal.

Positive: The video game industry owes their riches to their fans, no doubt about it. Developers should never forget the fans that got them to where they are today. I agree that profitable (mass) target audiences come and go, and can be fickle. You cannot force loyalty, only reward it (or lose it).

Negative: Don't say that you don't want the gaming population to expand. It is far too bold of a statement for you to try defend, and it makes you sound "small". I have been gaming for over 20 years. One of my fondest memories, of all time, was when my girlfriend tried Zelda for the first time. Keep in mind, that this is a person that has only used the Wii for: Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, and Netflix. She quit playing Twilight Princess after the first dungeon, and hasn't picked it up since then... but Mike, she tried it.

Mike, everyone needs help during some time in their life. It might be with finances, personal issues, or even hobbies/interest. Would you have the courage to try a new game, late in the series, knowing absolutely nothing about it? Imo, few people would. Everybody needs a little push, or helping hand, now and then.

goldwyncq2323d ago

In other words, to take over the world with video games.

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