Why FIFA 13's Kinect swearing is bad for the beautiful game

EA shouldn't celebrate the ugly side of football, argues

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NoGunz1877d ago

LOL, who's gonna play a football game on kinect?.

JellyJelly1877d ago

"For those who don't know, Kinect voice functionality allows players to swear at referees during matches."

Best use of Kinect so far if you ask me lol.

Disco Downey1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ NoGunz: so you didnt read the article, no?

NoGunz1877d ago

Of course i didn't read the article. If it was worth reading, it wouldn't have been submitted on N4G.

Isis061877d ago

What are you doing here?????

Rattlehead201877d ago

It's not celebrating the ugly side as it's not the ref you are swearing at.

More like swearing at the inevitable bullshit scripting or stupid defensive error that is out of your control.

Zha1tan1877d ago

EA shouldnt celebrate the ugly side of football

Puts Wayne Rooney on the box

iceman061877d ago

+Bubs...that was funny as hell!!!

Nate-Dog1877d ago

All I can say is lolololololololol. At least EA Sports have a sense of humour I guess. "We're too classy to bring diving into our game but now you can swear at referees!"

mcstorm1877d ago

Haha well said. Im looking forward to seeing if the voice controls work with this game as EA did a good job with Tiger woods and the Voice control in Forza 4 works very well.

ninjagoat1877d ago

I'll get sent off every game :/