IGN: Tiberium first look - The Tiberium wars have only just begun

It's a first-person shooter in a sci-fi world with squad mechanics built on the Unreal Engine 3. If that basic description sounds run of the mill to you, IGN wouldn't be surprised. That seems to describe any number of upcoming or recently released games. However, you might want to take a deeper look before you write off Tiberium as another standard shooter. A little over a year from now, EA LA will bring the Command & Conquer series into the first-person once again, bringing with it the full force of the C&C story and mythology.

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Delt43675d ago

i like all fps so i will end up picking this one up anyways but with a year left in build i am pretty excited to see how it turns out.....maybe even able to compete with rfom2.....that would be cool