Microsoft Refusing to Take $10 Million Worth of Defective 360s from EB Oz? writes: "Over the weekend, a Kotaku AU reader sent through a chat log containing an enlightening conversation with "an associate of mine who holds a high position within the EB organisation". According to the log, Microsoft is refusing to take responsibility for its defective consoles, leaving it up to the games retailer to make the best of a crappy situation."

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permutated3823d ago

They extended the warranty to 3 years, who cares?

ruibing3823d ago

The articles mentions the three year warranty, so I don't understand the problem. The consoles they are having problems with might be just those that broke down with its users rather getting a full refund than sending it back in.

Charlie26883823d ago

You have warranty for the 3 years ONLY in case RROD if your DVD drive fails (which is becoming very common) or something else you are own your own (there are couple stories here about MS refusing to take back 360 which DVD failed and you will be surprised how many people had to find the hard way how the warranty works as commented in the forums)

Last time I called to have my 360 repaired the guy was very explicit about it I guess its because people never read the full press release of the 3 year warranty extension and are only reading the headline or summary

and finally extensions of the warranty are not the solution FIXING the consoles is the solution cuz I don't recall when it was "OK" to have to send the console you PAID for every few months because it decided to randomly die

unless people are getting 360s for free, have decided to become conformists and abandon their rights as consumers then yes they "should care"

godofthunder103823d ago

i'm tired of hearing someone like this who support one plateform(in this case the ps3)but act like they don't support any but post stupid articles like this and try to make it look like microsoft isn't honering their warrinty,hell microsoft said a years ago that every 360 will have a 3 year warrinty but they still have a**hole like this that try and make it look as if microsoft is screwing it's customers.
people need to remind him about the 1st ps.when the 1st ps came out sony had around a %25 to a %26 defective rate on the ps1 because the ps had a defected drive in them and it would read can't read disc even if it was a new ps and a new game sometimes.but unlike microsoft sony didn't give the people who bought the ps in the 1st year and a half any extra warrinty,i'll admit that they fixed the problem but the people that bought the ps in the 1st year and a half was stuck with them if they went out if you had them 3 months or more,hell i had to buy 5 of them in that time.i even called sony and complained one time after the 1st one i had went out and the drive couldn't read the game disc and sony told me that they were sorry but my warrinty was over 21 day ago and i had to pay to fix it my self.
i'm not sayiong that every one had a problem with their ps,only 25 to 26 out of a 100 did.i had my 360 since launch and some other people i know had a 360 since launch to and not one of us had a problem with our 360 but 30 to 32 out of every 100 did
so unlike this guy and other fanboys i give credit where credit is due.the ps3 is the most dependable console on the market but it took three times to finaly get it right without 1 thing wrong with the ps on launch.
i'll admit that the ps3 is a damn good system,just because i hate sony and i want buy a ps3 is my choice but some people like sony and they bought a ps3 so all i could tell them is have fun playinhg your games and enjoy their ps3.
the reason that i hate sony is because two japanese writers for 2 games magazines in japan said that japan people hate to buy anything fron other countries ,especially the U.S.i'm just like them,i buy an american product as much as i can to support my country and companies in it.
like i said before,just because i hate sony,i'm not going to lie and say the ps3 is trash and the 360 is the best or the other way around like %95 of FANBOYS from both sides do.
the 360 and the ps3 are both good systems like it or not and that's the truth.they both will be around as long as people want to play far as ps3 fanboys saying that this is the last xbox that microsoft makes becaused the 360 failed,but the truth is that the wii and 360 are the only 2 systems to make money last year not lose like the ps3 did but i'll admit that the ps3 will start making mony this year if the depression we are facing doesn't hurt the sales of games because the 360 and ps3 sells already droped a little already.
fanboys need to stop being bias and acting like a bunch of spoiled kids saying my daddy is better then your daddy like kids do in the 3rd grade.when a site post some good news about the 360, ps3 fanboys say that it's a lie and the site is bias for the 360 and they hate sony but when the same site post good news about the ps3 then the ps3 fanboys say it's true and it's a good site and the same thing go for the 360 fanboys.
fanboys act as if the company that make the system they have will give them money to support their system and lie about the other and the truth is that not one of them could give a sh*t about them,all they care about is making a profit even if they have to lie and do it,and yes sony lie to.i just can't understand why it's so hard to say that the system they don't have is a good system but they even lie about the other system and that is just ridulious.
the truth is that the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and that's a fact like it or not.hell the only one out of the three that really gave gamers something new is nintendo with the wii because of the motion controllers and i don't even like the wii but it's the truth,and nintendo proved that the majority of gamers doesn't even give a sh*t about graphics like the other 2 systems fanboys are always fighting over.
microsoft was the first company to use the motion controller first,they made them years ago for the computers but it was nintendo that used them in a game system to change the way games are played and sony just coppied off of them,hell sony had a completly different controller for the ps3 and it didn't have anything to do with motion but sony changed it as soon as they seen the wii and how people enjoyed them and now microsoft is planning to follow,i know that microsoft had motion controllers years ago for the computers but they were never planning on using them on the xbox untill they seen the wii sales and how people enjoyed them just like sony did.
so if you have a 360 and love it like i do or you have a ps3 and wii and love it i hope that you enjoy it because it was your money that bought it and they are all good systems and it's not my place to alway critisize one system all the time because i hate it because if i don't own one it doesn't really concern me.i'll admit that i post some stuff that fanboys from both sides don't like but unlike them i just post what i think and unlike them i'm not going to lie about any system just to make the one i have look better because they are all equal to me even if i hate the company and refuse to buy one because all three systems are damn good.

dantesparda3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Well said! Amen, to that brother! And to GodofThunder, please quit your whining, please. The Sony hardware issues are in the past and the 360 issues are now! and we live in the present kid, not the past.

And p.s. to hate the Japanese over that reason, means you need to also hate yourself, for being the same way.

fusionboxer3822d ago

Well the thing is that, EB games and Gamestop both offer their own warranty on top of the microsoft one if you decide to purchase at the same time you purchase the console.

At gamestop i believe it's around $40-50 for a year if anything happens to your xbox whether it's a RROD, dvd drive problem, or pretty much anything besides obvious abuse. The warranty actually isn't so bad because if you happen to get the RROD you can simply take your hard drive out, pack the 360 up and bring it over to any EB or gamestop, show them the warranty and they'll open another box, take out the hard drive and hand you a new one without you having to ship out your 360 and not have it for 2 or more weeks.

Now in relation to the article, EB games and gamestop now most likely have a huge stock of defective 360's in their possession. Some may be because of the RROD, overheating, dvd drive problem, scratched discs, or whatever else that isn't covered under the 3 year warranty that microsoft gives. This means that it makes perfect sense that microsoft wouldn't take the 360's from EB because they don't even know if the defective 360's that EB and gamestop are trying to ship them are even RROD related.

On the other end, if EB/Gamestop is only trying to ship the defective 360's that were returned because of a RROD problem then Microsoft should take them back. Cause if you think about it, EB games and gamestop are just as much customers of microsoft as you and me.

marinelife93822d ago

That makes sense. Do you live in Australia?

SoulReaper3822d ago

You don't see the big problem?? I am sure you buy a lot of cheap things that breaks down with the type of attitude you have right now. Why don't you stop being a fan boy and see the bigger picture..Microsoft will suffer from this if this continues..

The 3 year don't basically is useless if you have other type of issues with 360 such hard drive problems, Reading Disk Errors, over heating problem, freezing and etc..

Microsoft will not take responsibility for the other problems they decided to dump it out to retailers and let them sell it to fan boy like you guys..

rawg3822d ago

For the end consumer an extended warranty is the essentially the same as a recall but it totally screws the retailers, especially the ones who sell replacement insurance based on typical failure rates like EB.

I'm surprised that Best Buy doesn't have a similar complaint with MS. They must be losing tons of money on their replacement program in the US.

MADGameR3822d ago

Seriously, so thats ''cool'' if your 360 gets the RRoD? MS is just going to screw you all over!

Blackfrican3822d ago

As long as it turns on, could you not just inflict RROD? I have had my system since launch day and 3 years are up at the end of the year. I will probably dry the hair of my 360 and see how it holds up. If that does not work I will probably Asian wrap it and then RROD should happen. Maybe this will get me a HDMI port 360 too since my $400.00 version only came with the mini remote.

fusionboxer3817d ago

No sorry man. I'm a San Francisco native.

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InYourMom3823d ago

EB contact is better start looking for a new job. This is going to get ugly.

SoulReaper3822d ago

i laugh at fanboy matter how bad the situation is they continue to back up microsoft.. i should feel bad for them ..but i dont they choose to give them money its not my

Let EB game continue to sell their xbox360 and piss off their customers..even though we know Microsoft is the real problem..

I hope EB dont sell any more 360 until the problems get fixed..

SoulReaper3822d ago

i laugh at fanboy matter how bad the situation is they continue to back up microsoft.. i should feel bad for them ..but i dont they choose to give them money its not my

Let EB game continue to sell their xbox360 and piss off their customers..even though we know Microsoft is the real problem..

I hope EB dont sell any more 360 until the problems get fixed..

Zhuk3823d ago

As far as I know they just send any RROD 360s straight back to Microsoft anyway, so I don't know if this rumour holds any water

DrPirate3823d ago

This is what I thought as well.

3823d ago
LinuxGuru3823d ago

If any of you know anything at all by now, it's that Zhuk is leading you all on with his "fanboy" comments.

It's pure comedy.

CrashSharc3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

give him a chance, he hasn't done anything wrong...


MK_Red3823d ago

WTF!? Why did Zhuk get 10 disagrees? Sure he posted more than few fanboyish comments before but this is Gamer Zone and this comment isn't fanboyish IMO.

3823d ago
LastDance3823d ago

Jeeez he didnt even say anything wrong. Chill out.

Thursday3822d ago

I agree, the guy chose to be a part of the Gamer Zone, and hence he should be given a chance, just like the rest of us. Clean slate, people.

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bootsielon3823d ago

30,000 xboxes. For OZ, that's A LOT

3823d ago