PC Gamer - Sleeping Dogs preview

PC Gamer - Open-world action game protagonists tend to be of a schizophrenic bent. Nico Bellic’s world-weary distaste for conflict does daily battle with his love for driving down the wrong side of the road hitting every lamppost on the way. Just Cause’s Rico Rodriguez is a government agent who ‘destabilises’ rogue states by reducing their infrastructure to rubble.

I’ve just seen two sides of Sleeping Dogs’ Wei Shen. One of them is an undercover police agent, infiltrating the Hong Kong Triad in a self-consciously mature story of revenge, duty, and quick-time events. The other Wei Shen dresses like Tony Jaa from Ong Bak, chases pork bun salesmen through the streets in the pouring rain, stuffs them into the boot of his car, and then does doughnuts at an intersection to the sound of their desperate, muffled cries for help.

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