Surfer Girl: Disaster: You Guerrillas Have Created a Drainzone

Surfer Girl states that the development cost of Killzone 2 has doubled to €42 million/$60 million because Guerrilla's managerial lacks any sort of financial or work allocation skills.

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scrillakiller3799d ago

i have to say is show me the money stoked for killzone but we havent seen it since e3.give me something to get excited over again.resistance 2 has got my eye bigtime would be great to see new killzone 2 so show it or blow it!!!!!!!

riqued3799d ago

"In far less time and with less people, Insomniac have a far better title that is further along in development."

Since the news from R2, I gave up from KZ2...
Guerrilla never made a GREAT game and Insomniac releases one EVERY year!

So I will pre-order R2, but for KZ2 I will have to wait for reviews.

CeruleanSky3799d ago

"Guerrilla never made a GREAT game"

Give it a rest.

If the original Killzone had been on the Xbox and had the same massive marketing budget it would have been a 9.5/10 game.

Killzone is a GREAT game.
Killzone Liberation is a GREAT game.

The fact that Killzone 2 is seen as a competitor to Halo and the most obvious example of the gigantic graphical power advantage the PS3 over the 360 means the game and company has an unprecedented amount of hate and rage directed towards both the company and its games.

Killzone 2 will be unlike anything anyone has ever played before running on an engine the likes of which have never been seen before in a game. If the damn Halo franchise wasn't around we wouldn't even be wasting our time with these speculations and inane ramblings from the media.

Both Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are going to be part of what will certainly be the single greatest lineup for a console ever.

Violater3799d ago

A CG target render in 2005 then my socks (which by the way I still cannot find) were blown off in 2007.
What people fail to understand is that R&D from Guerrilla goes towards helping out other first party titles.
Have no fear I don't think we will be let down.

CeruleanSky3799d ago

Articles, rumors, etc. like the latest garbage are a perfect example of how the media decides on a story and the goes about trying to warp reality to fit their story.

A first person shooter...
On a Playstation console...
A console that isn't 'the first person shooter' console...
That everyone used as an example of Sony lying about graphics...
And then the game is demoed realtime matching what was claimed wouldn't be possible till the PS4...

The game HAS to suck. It simply isn't right that after all of that that Killzone 2 is an amazing game. It's just not fair.

If you thought the hate for Sony and the PS3 from the media was strong the past year, just wait for what the gaming media will try to do to this game.

Killzone 2 will be trashed without mercy and savaged in reviews.

It simply HAS TO BE.

LightningPS33799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Sony or Guerrilla. I wonder what they think about having their development being spied on.

GIJeff3799d ago

"surfer girl" is a game tester. Who has lots of other game tester friends. The sad thing is, there are bad and/or untrue rumors on the inside of companies too. :\

CeruleanSky3799d ago

"So I will pre-order R2, but for KZ2 I will have to wait for reviews."

Resistance 2 will be the excuse reviewers use to be able to trash Killzone 2.

They will be able to claim 'I'm not biased! I gave Resistance 2 a good score' when they rip into Killzone 2.

You don't have to wait for Killzone 2 reviews from sites like 1Up. You can write them yourselves:

Killzone 2 Doesn't Live Up To The Sony Hype

Sure it has 'pretty' graphics but that doesn't make Killzone 2 a good game...blah,blah,blah...

The are reviewers out there whose high point of this console generation will be how well they savage Killzone 2 in their review.

Cryxen3798d ago

Geurilla are trying to prevent massive overhype by keeping quiet on the games major features but retards keep hyping it up anyway, saying the game won't be great. You're a bonifide moron if you do.

SRuN43798d ago

Guerrilla has never made a good game? As far as I know they've only ever made 3; KZ, Shellshock and KZ Liberation. And KZ was originally a PC game that was ported to the PS2, which was their first ever PS2 game. On the other hand Insomniac has made 10+ titles and already have a working PS3 engine they only have to optimize now.


Shelshock was great (play it, you don't even need a Crysis-running PC) and Killzone Liberation too (just search for reviews!). Killzone was OK for me, has many great points, but fail on some basic features... It even made it to have some solid fanbase! So how the hell Guerrilla never made a great game?

ravenguard883798d ago

Sorry dude, but I played Xbox games based on the Killzone engine and they were all complete crap. Amazingly low standards compared to the norm in the shooter genre on Xbox at the time. I felt the same way about SOCOM, it feeled like a a dumbed down mix between Ghost Recon and Conflict: Desert Storm, and playing it online was terrible compared to Ghost Recon.

The PS2 never really had any good shooters at all... except the Tom Clancy games that were on Xbox with more features and better graphics.

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Relcom3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

That kinda scares me. I'm gonna buy it but i'd love to see at least some screens from a new level.

riqued3799d ago

I would like to see a daylight level... Their lightning engine is pretty good on dark, but would be very hard to keep the same amount of photorealism on a sunny day.

And since the helghast are capable of controlling the weather I don't think thats going to happen. Convenient...

SUP3R3799d ago


I fear Killzone might not live up to the hype.
Great graphics with sub-par gameplay.
I'm still going back and forth about it, but when it's finally released we'll all know if it was all worth it or not.

sonarus3799d ago

i have never stood out to defend killzone before but just because of what surfer girl says i will have to. Killzone 2 will surpass resistance 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay. Level design and weapons will probably go to insomniac but in terms of pure visuals and gameplay killzone 2 will come out on top. Very bold statements by surfer girl but what i have seen is enough...At this point guerilla would have to be retarded to screw up killzone's gameplay. Excellent cover system the killer animations to the crazy graphics and lighting. Resistance 2 will however rape killzone on the online element 8 player coop and 60 player matches can't be touched.

Clinton5143799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Like every other random and vague surfer boy "predictions", this one seems just as baseless. One would have to be very high up the chain of command to quote such digits with accuracy.

Even more far fetched is the "resentment" by Insomniac. Looks like Surfer dude is riding the wave of internet fads. No pun intended.

ps. It's obvious Sony and Guerrilla won't comment on such things but it'll be interesting to see Insomniac lash out against their names being used falsely. ;)

Genki3799d ago

I don't believe it personally. Let's get everyone thinking that internal relations are deteriorating! Sure.

Insomniac would have no reason to be disgruntled...they're NOT first party. Secondly, they're making TONS of money. Nice try, but this is why common sense prevail.

DrPirate3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Hello. I come to save the day with my insider sources.

Alrighty. First of all, the guy who said this, ISN'T surfer girl. There's a snitch inside Insomniac games. This is the same snitch who gave her the alpha screen shot, and the same snitch that tells her of all Sony's internal rumblings.

This general "resentment" is just pure BS, Insomniac doesn't hate Guerrilla games, they don't hate anyone. And since I have a cousin there (At Guerrila), I know what they'll be showing at GDC, the graphics are nice, the environment is new and varied, they don't have a high turnover rate, and most of the stuff said in there is pretty baseless.

Clinton5143799d ago

The way it was written on the site it's hard to tell if it was a quote or "her" writing it.

Either way like I mentioned, I find it hard to believe anyone at Insomniac has beef with any other developer. They all seem like a cool bunch of people.

Sevir043799d ago

insomniac gives credit and thanks to guerrilla games for their input, especially with the release of games like Ratchet FTOD... baseless indeed because everyone who works for first party and second party devs for Sony shares back and forward with tidbits on developing... which is why this here holds no water..

secondly as genki has stated their would be no beef with GG and Insomniac because insomniac isn't first party they have no ties or binding contract with Sony or any of them. what they ahve is a great relation, and you can see that with insomniac on their . where it list sucker punch and guerrilla and naughtydog evolution and all the other studios that develop for Sony. with this being said i call total BS on this. it's way too unsound and idiotic.


Insomniac has been nominated as one of the best companies to work for for 4 consecutive years. if having beef with another company that they give tips and shares how to's with and relate so closely with was apart of their resume, i dont think they would have had a 4 year streak in having one of the best places to work yearly in the top 5 so many times...

BS BS BS... surfer girl or who ever pieced this unsound thing against my fav company of the next gen and the upcoming ones, grow the hell up.

pwnsause3799d ago

bubbles up for Dr. Pirate.

Ri0tSquad3798d ago


DrPirate >>>>>>>&g t;>>Surfer girl

Bubbles for you pirate.

DrPirate3798d ago

Comon, it's not that big of a deal, I've known it for a long, long time.

Thanks for the props, right back at each one of you.

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Odion3799d ago

this sounds like to much of a fanboys wet-dream to be true (xbox people like me). But on the other hand shane on 1up did describe something like this.

CaliGamer3799d ago

That is sad and disturbing that you would come on a PS3 post and write something like this, on the other hand, I applaud your candor though misguided you are.

Never take pleasure in the misery of others, lest you be the one suffering the misery in the future.

Odion3798d ago

I am pretty sure I denounced this as prob untrue, but I can see how your overuse of giant words could confuse you

ravenguard883798d ago

What misery? What giant words?

What are you guys smoking?