Why PS3 users screaming for in game XMB may be a bad idea!

Since the Playstation 3 was first launched people have been complaining they can't do the same things as you can on the xbox 360 with regards to online friends list, cross game communication and chat and the ability to play your own music in games. As time has went on the call has changed from we want to be able to chat to friends online, or we want to play our own music in game, to we want in game XMB.

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jack who3855d ago

that what happend when you play follow the leader

toughNAME3855d ago

" i can't...browse my achievements list"

This is incorrect, you can browse your achievements, your friends, and recent players lists

Just thought I'd point that out, good article though

deadshark13855d ago

u can look at ******* achievements while in game and good news everybody gta4 is coming april :(

meepmoopmeep3855d ago

i take the updates as they come... i can live without all that and so any updates are always just a bonus. but i hope they do add it all in just to shut the whiners up

JsonHenry3855d ago

I own both consoles, and I RARELY use the in game dashboard menu on the 360. I wonder how much of a performance hit the 360 takes to be able to do that in game? I would hate for the same thing to happen to the PS3.

BenzMoney3855d ago

Actually, there's an article out there from last year somewhere that discusses the 'hit' that the 360 takes to run it's OS and the 'hit' that the PS3 takes. Surprisingly, it's the PS3 that takes a bigger hit...

I believe this is the link:

(Can't verify as the site is blocked at my place of work.)

gta_cb3855d ago

i am surprised, i own both and i always use the menu guide when in games, to invite friends to a game of COD4 whilst in the lobby/game to listen to music (although not much) but also to go into private chat if a friend needs help or something.

with my PS3 i have had to quit the game which has been annoying when a friend has send me a message, its not the end of the world but it would be nice and i am grateful for being able to do these things on the Xbox 360 :)

eagle213855d ago

take the needed time to get this perfect.

TripleTags3855d ago

It is crucial with advertisements over xmas showing home that they hurry up and just make a public beta available at LEAST!

MikeGdaGod3855d ago

i'm still in the Home beta and i promise you guys, its not all that great right now.

i'd MUCH rather have custom music and in-game chat now.

sonarus3855d ago

lol the only reason you say that scottie is cus you are already in the beta. The rest of us that didnt make it however see things differently. In game xmb or to be more specific mini xmb i can probably live without for another couple of months and probably for the entire life of the play station 3. Home on the other hand has been shown and my interest has peaked. Home can take the ps3 to the next level in game xmb can't so all focus imo should be on home. Its not that great now in the beta but by the time it launches it will be so the more they are working on home the quicker that will happen

DARKKNIGHT3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

we should see it this year around christmas....the latest

ive been 8/8 this past year on my hunches regarding console technologies and general tech.

heres to number 9. *cheers*