Xbox Chat Leads To Violent Attack In Oakley

"OAKLEY (CBS13) – An online fight led to an in-person attack for a young man in Oakley, and he ended up with nearly two dozen stab wounds.

This stabbing all started with a conversation on an Xbox Live headset that allegedly set a 17-year-old off, not with a joystick, but with a real knife and gun.", writes CBS Sacramento.

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Hufandpuf2329d ago

Wow, he really tried to kill him

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jc485732329d ago

i swear to god if someone ever points a gun at me....

LightofDarkness2329d ago

You'll freeze in terror? Such statements are merely platitudes until you've been faced in the same situation. The fact is, you don't know what you're going to do in that situation until it happens, but conventional wisdom suggests you will cower and fear for your life. And what, are you going to try to disarm the attacker? I get the feeling you watch to many movies...

JellyJelly2329d ago

I've had a gun pointed at me once, by an extremely unstable person. I was somewhat drunk but the adrenaline made me sober in a second. I was in shock the rest of the night.

You wouldn't do sh*t unless you want to risk dying. And most people don't.

pixelsword2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I had guns pointed at me or I was near very volatile situations in several instances in my life and trust me, you never want that, ever.

The first time was when I was going through military training and someone got a little too full of vitriol and shot herself.

I was on my first date with a girl and we were talking and walking in a park at night and in the distance a couple of guys were looking in our direction and kept on talking. I recognized the clicking sound of a gun's revolver moving around and so I escorted us both out. I remember putting myself between her and the guys thinking that these were the last moments in my life. After that, I dated her for years. I guess that experience told me I at least liked her to do that, seeing she wasn't even aware what was going on until afterwards.

Two cops pulled guns on me when I was sitting at the bus stop because they thought I robbed a store across the street (Really? Rob a bank and sit across the street?).

Let's see; A drunk redneck with a .44 magnum tucked sloppily away under his wifebeater, several instances in clubs which made me a couch potato, and finding a kindly old man's assault weapon at the WRONG time gave me the experience that when you see a gun, use your head if you can. Use your heart if you must.

Sony3602329d ago

You'll what, dodge the bullets?

Act like a tough guy before getting killed?

Rush the person with the gun before getting killed?

Or will you do the sensible thing and try and avoid getting shot, so you can live on to make more dumb online comments like this?

WeskerChildReborned2329d ago

Lightofdarkness has a point. You'll never really know what you'll do.

Bonerboy2328d ago

You'll what tough guy? Oh I know, you'll cry and plead while you shit and piss yourself.

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andibandit2329d ago

I bet they were playing MW3 at the time.

Tonester9252329d ago

I live 5 minutes away from Oakley haha

This won't stop me from trash talking. I love it

silvacrest2329d ago

prepare for the inevitable knock at the door when some psycho finds your address because he cant let go of a troll comment

KidBroSweets22329d ago

This is more a story of just a horrible "friendship" but since the part where things finally boiled over had to do with online gaming then that's all that anybody will say, as if it started there and like they didn't know each other.

JVIV2329d ago

I was wondering why all these cops and news vans were in my neighborhood ,this kid Kevin lives down the street from me ha ha he got f**** shanked by some loser! lol skinny kid too Kevin could have destroyed the kid.

Blastoise2329d ago

"Kemp will be OK, but his friendship is likely finished." Lmao! You reckon?

joab7772328d ago

It's another misleading headline. It may have happened on Xbox but they knew each other and the guy said it wasn't gaming related. They had a beef that escalated

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NovusTerminus2329d ago

I thought it was one of my friends looking at the picture. I was like "Oh, SHIT!" But it is not...

Still, this really had nothing to do with the game, as he said, it was a continued fight that just finally hit it's boiling point... But the news will ignore that fact...

Glad he is OK.

KidBroSweets22329d ago


Hahaha I just read your piece right after I wrote mine and saw we basically wrote the exact same thing. Glad to know not everyone is oblivious.

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IRetrouk2329d ago

How did he miss the shot?!!!, only messin, glad he is ok

hkgamer2329d ago

Is gun crime something taht happens alot in Oakley?
Not sure what they were arguing about or how long it has been going on but its a shame that the 17 year old got so pissed that he decided to try and scare/kill someone for it.
I understand how young people like to protect the reputation and doesn't like it when they get shamed, but trying to kill someone especially someone you know quite well is a little over the top.
Just proves that society and people acting like gangsters need to change. It is not cool to be a gangster, they end up in jail.

HSx92329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I'm pretty sure people that decided to join a gang, are not in it to be "cool" but rather to make a lot of money and have protection.

hkgamer2328d ago

not really saying the people that are in gangs, i am talking about kids who think gangsters are cool and are just violent over the smallest things .. just saying that gangsters are glorified and a lot of young teenagers think some aspects are cool.

Tonester9252329d ago

Only snobby wanna be rich people live in Oakley.