Forge Developer Seeks a "Kick-Finish" writes: Indie developer, Dark Vale Games, has launched a “Kick-Finish” campaign for their upcoming PC fantasy game, Forge. The MMO Player Vs Player game, that plays like a 3rd person shooter, promises to do away with the level grinding aspect commonly found in online multiplayers today.

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TheSuperior 2245d ago

Now this looks interesting!

TheGrimBunny2245d ago

I think indie games and game developers need more support or we will just be playing call of duty 35.

Farsendor12245d ago

very interesting wonder how its going to turn out.

wallis2245d ago

Kick finish sounds like a great idea! Haha. Sounds like something stalker 2 needs :(

Hanuman2245d ago

Oh..that Forge?! I clicked because I thought I saw something Halo related. *moving on..

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