Rainbow Moon Review [Twinfinite]

SideQuest Studios made one heck of a solid shooter with Söldner-X, so when they follow up with a tactical Strategy RPG, curiosity gets the better of me. As somebody that has a solid majority of his gaming collection built around the genre, Rainbow Moon’s colorful aesthetic and flashy move sets looked intriguing.

Most downloadable games in this genre haven’t fared well, though, and I struggle to think of even one good one that has released on consoles this generation. Hit the jump to find out if Rainbow Moon breaks this trend or if it’s another example of mundane strategy gaming.

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Moby-Royale2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I dig it.

You already know whether or not you'll like this game.

I like the menu system.
It feels like *if Chrono Trigger or FFVI was made today.

I didn't realize how much I missed this style of gameplay until about three minutes in.

It gives you both nostalgia, and plenty of modern day improvements.

As long as you go in expecting an average rpg story(average does not mean bad) then this game is an absolute thrill.

Blah blah imo blah.

GribbleGrunger2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Where the hell is the comb in the labyrinth on Tscha!? I've been round that bloody maze so many times I've levelled up about 10 times! I've opened the three gates that lead to other areas but I'm not sure if it's even there. Is it in the area where you fight the boss?

Moby-Royale2325d ago

My advice would be to google it. No matter how obscure the game was i have always been able to find an answer there. I'm afraid that I cannot be of much help.

Sorry about that. :/

GribbleGrunger2325d ago

I've Googled it to death, but nothing sadly. They just say it's in the labyrinth... doh

r212325d ago

cant believe i've put 8hours into this simple looking game. my only gripe with RM is the battle command layout and movements. i would switch the time of day counter with the battle commands and it'd be perfect.