Deadlight Review | G4

G4: "Deadlight is the first game by Madrid-based Tequlia Works and is their 2.5-D take on the zombie apocalypse. The studio has crafted a detailed mid-1980's Seattle, delivering a side-scrolling trek that is a bit on the easy side and would have benefitted with more challenging puzzles."

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WeskerChildReborned2207d ago

Deadlight looks real interesting. Would have checked it out if i had a 360.

Ramas2207d ago

when it comes to PSN?

Evildoomnerd2207d ago

Microsoft Studios published the game and Tequila Works owns the IP rights. So I'd say theres a .000001% chance that Deadlight will make it to other platforms.

Ramas2207d ago

why? limbo was same story was it not? it came to psn a bit late, but with extra secret level not available to xbla.

Evildoomnerd2206d ago

With Limbo in mind, and the number of MS Studio published games that have gone multiplatform, 11% chance.