SOCOM Trilogy Coming "Soon" on Amazon?

SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Trilogy? Wait, is this a typo? According to an Customer Service employee, it is completely true.

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johnxtwo1961d ago

Let's get some answers Sony, we want SOCOM BACK TO ITS ROOTS

mugoldeneagle031961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Like who's developing, was it in development before or after Zipper was canned, etc.

I guess it makes sense though. Shut down the PS2 fanbase but give them a reason to upgrade.

Still a rumor though...Though this would make my year

sinncross1961d ago

If this is true, I think that Sony must take the stance of creating a unified online MP mode.

So I believe that most people find Socom 2 to have the best MP. Then do not bother giving S1 and S3 online modes. Use the S2 online (and perhaps make it a separate section) and then add maps from S1 and S3 that would work or something... i just feel that a online mode for each game would only spread out the community too much.

MrBeatdown1961d ago

I think the answer is right there on the Amazon listing...

"Platform: PlayStation2"

It makes me think this is just some old listing for a triple pack of all three games for PS2 that never saw the light of day, not any kind of HD collection, unfortunately.

Commodore1961d ago

They (sony) have updated in in January. It was put up by them in 2009. Why continue to update it?

logster101961d ago

Boo ya!!! Or should I say Hoo-ah!

alexmac1961d ago ShowReplies(3)
Ryo-Hazuki1961d ago

Socom 2 HD with online enabled?? :)

BlackTar1871961d ago

better have online on there. Kinda worthless if it doesn't even though i played socom 1 & 2 single player a crap ton. love the Silncer HS only rounds you would play with buddies

McNoob1961d ago

a trilogy of Socom 3, Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 would be fantastic

BlackTar1871961d ago

HAHAHAHHAHA the 3 worst ones. LOL well played sir well played

cpayne931961d ago

Trololololololololol! Not a bad trolling man, got a laugh out of me.

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The story is too old to be commented.