Over 300 People Are Working On Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida recently revealed in an interview with RPGSite that over 300 in house developers are working on the game.

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versusALL2323d ago

Thats nice to hear. Hope the game is good.

Army_of_Darkness2323d ago

This explains why only 2 people are working on versus13.......

Lvl_up_gamer2323d ago

so I guess Versus is Dead?

if so, what a waste of time and resources.

RmanX10002323d ago

Im pretty sure a long time ago they announced that it was the KH team working on VsXIII... And i doubt that the entire team would be told to drop everything and help.

Lvl_up_gamer2323d ago

I hope you're right. I have been eagerly waiting on Versus for what feels like an eternity.

WeskerChildReborned2323d ago

Hopefully they are just being very hush about it.

It would be a real shame if it is cancelled cause i really was looking forward to it and still am hopefully.

MaxXAttaxX2323d ago

You know there's more than one team at Square Enix, right?

TiberusX872323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Have a bubble friend!

I have been posting this very comment is most FF hate related threads, and i'm glad to see that at least one other person is intelligent enough to acknowledge this. :)

Grap2323d ago

yah but they keep announce games we didn't even ask for. give us what did you announce the last 6 years

iamtehpwn2323d ago

Uhm. I wonder if you guys will ever realize that Square Enix has more than one develop team and has multiple teams working on various projects, and the people involved with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are entirely separately.

Qrphe2323d ago

People still think vsXIII is dead? Really?

adorie2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Versus is the final, remaining strand that holds my interest in this company that has fallen from it's former self(s)

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noxeven2323d ago

so there working on reworking on rehashing code. /clap. im not rebuying this game nor am i gonna pay for this

Reibooi2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Firstly they are not reworking or rehashing code. The new engine and server tech has been built from the ground up for the game, something the original launch didn't do(which lead to many of it's performance issues as the engine wasn't very scalable.

2nd anybody who owns a copy of the original game won't have to rebuy the game the new client will be free to those who have a copy already.

majiebeast2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

300 devs on remaking a game that tanked so badly in sales, and is sitting at a 4.9 at metacritic/gamerankings, and is soon to be going up against F2P games like Swtor and Guild wars 2. The thing that is keeping square enix alive is final fantasy on everything except calculators/Eidos games and portable games.

I think everyone should apply for Wada's job cause noone can make a bigger mess then him the decisions he makes just blow my mind.

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