Top 10 video game controversies of all time

When video games become increasingly realistic, widespread or artistic, some bring innovation on the market, others fail grandiosely. There are those, but then there are also a number of video games that result in some pretty intense controversial subjects. Since the dawn of time, flaming media, worried politicians and outraged attorneys have pointed their finger at the video game industry as their scapegoat for the people’s acts of violence or bad behavior.

So enough controversies on issues of sex, race, religion, politics, and violence, but which exactly are the most memorable in the history of gaming? Here’s a list of the top ten biggest video game controversies of all time!

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BlackTar1872322d ago

The ghostbusters game was great fun. The controversy over it was disgusting. the people who complained and made huge issues with a stop screen scan of a screen shot need to be stuck somewhere that gets no oxygen.
game was alot of fun and was so sad to see all the people hate on it for a couple pixels instead of the story and gameplay.

ziggurcat2322d ago

i think the controversy had more to do with the fact that they claimed the PS3 was the lead platform for the game (which would lead one to believe that it was going to look and perform beautifully), yet it was the inferior version.

the same can be said of mafia II - devs claimed they built each version separately, yet the PS3 version was missing all sorts of textures that were in the X360 version.

with games looking like they do today, it's all in the details, and i think at that point PS3 owners were really getting fed up with being given the short end of the stick by lazy devs.

BlackTar1872322d ago

see the problem wasn't the ps3 crowd. To be honest it felt like the 360 crowd throwing mud over and over to drive home there point. I understand what you are saying but i don't give any support to people tearing down a dev for some missing pixels that are only noticeable in freeze framed screens?

We as gamers should play the game not the pixels. It was definitely more 360 fans throwing mud then it was ps3 fans. That to me is undeniable

insomnium22322d ago

My god this site will never admit what you just said. I KNOW it was the x360 people who threw the mud. They've always been the one to start doing it but this site will tear you a new one for saying stuff like that even though it IS true. To add insult to injury everyone will still keep saying this site is run by PS3 trolls....sigh...

nukeitall2322d ago


Yes, I can understand your view. When you are on one side of the fence, it is always the other side of the fence that started it!

Yup, I see what you were able to illustrate with your comment there.

Ben_Grimm2321d ago


"I KNOW it was the x360 people who threw the mud."

Spoken like a true child who likes to point fingers. Yes of COURSE it was them the PS3 crowd never threw mud right?

"To add insult to injury everyone will still keep saying this site is run by PS3 trolls....sigh..."

Wow, you truly take the cake of delusional, you can't even see that YOU'RE the troll. It really is amazing to just read your posts, I laugh everytime while I shake my head.

insomnium22321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

@nuke and ben

So Blacktar187 is a troll too? Are you going to single me out here? Read his reply too. Are both of us only imagining things? I really want an answer to this question. No matter where we are i will always redirect you guys to this question until I get an answer.

nukeitall2321d ago


It's just that BlackTar187 didn't evoke a response from me for whatever reason. It still doesn't make your response anymore correct.

"Are both of us only imagining things?"

I could probably paste your comment and replace with the opposite console and that is the answer I would get from asking an Xbox 360 "fanboy" on this site!

Point being, when you yourself are on one side of the fence, all you see is what the other side is doing and never reflect on the side you are on.

Try to stay on the fence, then there is suddenly clarity!

BlackTar1872321d ago

well alright :) did we all get it out of our systems. I play my games I love Ghostbusters i know what i saw. I am also not gonna sit here and say any side owns this website this is just a jammed full of oppsite opnions website to say one # the other may be unprovable.

Anyways My only point was to defend a great game i enjoyed alot with buddies that was unfairly targeted( maybe thye had some point but it was way overboard) by the masses for everything but what we as GAMER do which is play games for fun and story. It was unfairly blasted and dragged thru the mud for pixels and it was the 360 crowd that is undenable since the reason for the controversy was that they said it was better on ps3 and when it came out it was like 2% worse then the 360 counter part but only if you play the game in stop motion. Anyways it was just an example you can look to other things like alan wake sales where the ps3 crowd goes to far.

Stop getting wrapped up in console hate and play these games these people spend their entire companies budget on to bring us fun and them money.

Well happy friday everyone lOL

nukeitall2321d ago


To be fair, the Ghostbuser debacle (if we are talking about the same game) was one of the worst. I think PS3 owners should and *was* upset.


** It's just not a *few* pixels missing. We are talking almost 50% as reported by Digital Foundry:

"First of all, PS3 Ghostbusters is rendering 518,400 pixels per frame. Xbox 360 is managing 921,600,"

Even in low res screenshot the difference is staggering.

** The developer claimed the game was lead on PS3, so they setup an expectation that the PS3 version was at least on par with the Xbox 360. We all know PS3 version was pretty poor graphically.

** The PS3 version actually had a special deal with Sony in Europe.

I don't think you can blame a particular set of fans, when the bulk of the problems was something PS3 owners should have been upset about.

" thru the mud for pixels and it was the 360 crowd that is undenable since the reason for the controversy was that they said it was better on ps3 and when it came out it was like 2% worse then the 360 counter part but only if you play the game in stop motion."

First of all, it wasn't 2% less, it was more than 40% less pixels!

Secondly, the developer indicatd the game was better or at least equal on PS3 by saying it was lead on it.

If anything, I think PS3 owners are the one the most upset, because it didn't meet their expectations and PS3 already had a history of a string of bad ports.

I don't think it is fair to blame it on a particular group, because I think PS3 fanboys are as many as Xbox 360. If anything, I think there is a bigger loyalty to PS3 due to two generations of Playstation monopoly.

Now, if you enjoyed the game. More power to you! Gameplay in my opinion is way more important than graphics, but not necessarily more important than performance. See Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox 360 for a perfect example of that, which is a super awesome game mechanic, but the performance at time really screws it up. Still one of my favorite games this generation so far!

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rdgneoz32322d ago

Do people read before commenting or just see the headline / pic and type away? Curious seeing as the article no where at all mentions Ghostbusters...

Wigriff2322d ago

No, people definitely don't read a goddamned thing, apparently. But, what do you expect? It's N4G.

Dan502322d ago

Why is Doom number 1 and why is there no Carmageddon?

Spitfire_Riggz2322d ago

Because they talked about death race which they acknowledged paved the way for carmageddon

WeskerChildReborned2322d ago

I would have thought Manhunt would be the most controversial.

roadkillers2322d ago

I have no idea how controversial Mortal Kombat or Doom was because I was born in 1992. I do know that in my time of gaming the most controversial have been...

5. No Russian
4. Sex in Mass Effect (probably blown out of proportion by the internet)
3. Manhunt 2
2. Hot Coffee
1. GTA3

Both GTA3 and Hot Coffee were all over the news and radio. Man those were the fun days when media went against the likes of Rockstar, South Park, and Eminem. We need a new controversy.

DFogz2322d ago

Mortal Kombat is reason we have the ESRB. It was hands-down, the most controversial game of its time.

MrKingofVideoGames2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

He didn't mention this in the article but MK also had a residual controversy in the home versions because Nintendo did not put blood and the gorier fatalities in the SNES version. This led to huge sales for the Sega Genesis, fueling the 16bit war.When MK2 was released for home systems the SNES had a far superior version to the Genesis. Due to a change in Nintendo's policy on blood and gore, the SNES version had everything the Genesis did plus better sound and graphics (still an awesome arcade port to this day)... When I bought MK2 on launch day, it was the first time I ever got my ID checked, to prove I was over 18.

SilentNegotiator2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

"fluorescent nipples"?? I wish I had a pair of fluorescent nipples.

Oh, and the DOOM-columbine controversy was ridiculous; they didn't use it to "train" with modified school-floor plan maps, because they never intended to enter the school. They wanted to kill people as they evacuated to escape their propane tank bombs (which never went off). That's why they entered the school at all.

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