GameTrailers previews Lost Odyssey

Take a peek at the next big RPG from the same talent who made Final Fantasy!

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meepmoopmeep3822d ago

this game loooks uber sweet...

mintaro3822d ago

sure does, ive been waiting to get my jrpg fix

wageslave3822d ago


I can highly recommend both Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. I got mostly burnt out on JRPGs on the PS1, and skipped most of the FF series on PS2.

I was really happy with the uniqueness and innovation in BD. You should look them up if you're a JRPG fan.

hazeblaze3822d ago

Eternal Sonata was good, Blue Dragon was pretty lame... Anyway, I'm looking forward to this game. I think the story will probably be awesome. I'm not blown away by the graphics or gameplay elements they've shown off but it should definitely hold us over until the bigger rpg's come later this year.

v1c1ous3822d ago

blue dragon had it down with story, but graphics/mechanics were somewhat rudementary.

Lost odyssey is a bit better in both aspects, with graphics/mechanics taking a boost. however, character models are hella hella dull.

i want to believe that their 3rd game they have finally gotten the hang of things and can now start making names that deserve the praise of the calibur of its creators.

these guys are legends, but they are on their own for the 1st time in a long time. its like learning how to surf after a 10 year hiatus.

wageslave3822d ago

Sakaguchi-san's Studio Mistwalker has two games in the pipeline exclusively for Xbox 360:


And an "untitled MMO"

Foliage3822d ago

I'm personally sick of the whole main character who is "unable to remember his past" storyline, it's been done before. The story has zero appeal to me. There are moments of great artistic direction, and then they get away from the FMV and show gameplay video and the bubble bursts. I do find that the timing with the circle feature is pretty cool, and can break up the whole button mashing tendency, but even that will get tiresome.

It seems like a game with potential, but far from one that will redefine the genre, or even make a significant scratch on it. It is a shame that this game will probably fail to have a sequel because it is going to miss the target market.

meepmoopmeep3822d ago

i do agree with you that this game won't raise the bar or set any new standards for this genre. yes, the story is a little cliche but still intriguing to find out the whole story, nonetheless. besides, this gen is in dire need of more RPG's.,

jaja14343822d ago

I'm not really sure how it will miss the target audience, but to comment on redefining the genre. Well to be honest that kind of thinking annoys the hell out of me. Very, very few games redefine the genre, such as...

Super Mario 64 which the introduction of a 3d world that just seem to all work

FF7 with a damm good story mixed with high end CGI movies to enhance the experience.

For the newer games.

Bioshock did is somewhat with the gaming environment, or I think they used the phrase "Gaming Ecology".

Mass Effect with the conversation wheel which although not new, they arguable did it the best.

And so on and so on. Basically you can NOT expect every game to be ground breaking in one form or another. Take that last 5 FF games. None of them have been a redesign of the genre. Well perhaps 12 with its fighting system, but I don't think that worked really well. The whole gambit thing made it so you didn't have to touch the controller to win.

So please stop dismissing a game because it fails to do anything new. Sometimes doing old ideas exceedingly well is better than doing something new.

meepmoopmeep3822d ago

it's almost impossible to bring something new that will redefine any genre. everything's been said and done before. you could improve it a bit but nothing earth shattering will happen. if you want something fresh and new go with some of sony's games like locoroco or patapon. otherwise if you keep this sort of mindset then you'll be a miserable gamer for years and years to come

Foliage3822d ago

Although I agree with most of your points jaja, in this day and age with so many games fighting for your attention, releasing a game that is roughly a rehash of a number of other games is going to have to fight really hard for my attention. If for whatever reason you find yourself riding a weird yellow bird in this game, remember I told you so. lol

I won't be playing this game because the story failed to capture my attention. An RPG with a story you are tired of, or one that fails to do anything new, is one I don't want to play. The story of an RPG is by far the most important element to the genre.

To each their own, I guess. As for missing the target audience, I'd say for a 360 title it needs more guns. If you catch my drift.

Foliage3822d ago

I think that is exactly why there are no new ideas in the industry. The consumer is going to stick to the same types of games, and the publishers are going to keep releasing the same games because it sells. It is a cycle that I'm tired of.

I'm guessing a lot of people around here have tried to crack into the industry. So a few will relate to this. I've been working for a publisher for a while now, on the side I do some character modeling but it is mostly a hobby now. I've seen time and time again brilliant ideas dying in front of my eyes only to see the same damn ideas put into a project. Seeing the wrong choices made because it is the safest path. That is something happening across the industry. This complaint isn't just based on LO, but it is another example of it in action. Is anyone on this site willing to say that given a few months and some blank sheets of paper that they couldn't come up with a few new idea?

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jaja14343822d ago

I'm just happy the FF12 battle system wasn't copied. There is just something about a turn based RPG that, to me, seems more engaging and epic.

But I am curious how the whole immortal thing works out. That mean you never really die, or is it immortal in the sense that you can not die of old age, but you can through injury.

Foliage3822d ago

You would have to think that your character will be able to die through injury, otherwise there is very little keeping you on the edge of your seat.

As for FF12 I didn't mind the battle system. Square Enix once again tried something new and it wasn't perfect, but it was a change. I relied a lot less on gambits than most when playing and I didn't mind it at all. If you ever have the chance attempt to play it with two simple gambits. 1 to attack party leader target, and the second to heal. That will allow you to retain some of the turn based elements.

kewlkat0073822d ago

Something about turn-based battles feels much better then the gambit system, not that it's totally bad.

lawman11083822d ago

waiting for price drop. Blue dragon I thought looked stupid

INehalemEXI3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I will probably wait for a used copy. Unless it gets amazing scores.

jaja14343822d ago

Its a decent little game. Not great or anything, very linear in way FFX was. You basically just follow one path from Point A to B the entire game. But the music was as you would expect fantastic and I really enjoyed how each characters name was a musical term. Alto,Baroque, Beat, Falsetto, and so on. Actually come to think of it the only one with an actually name was Chopin.

And while the history lessons where nice, especially with the background music that was employed, I could have done without them.

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