Darksiders II gets first review

Darksiders II receives a high score and lots of praise in its first review.

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Ryo-Hazuki2244d ago

I have no doubts this game will be great

joab7772244d ago

From what I have seen, this could be a phenomenal game that has depth and replayability. I'm gonna get anyway but I don't trust one score.

Spenok2244d ago

Trust yourself imo. If you enjoyed the first, then get the second. If you didn't play the first look it up and ask people you know who did play it, and then look into the second if you enjoyed it. Its pretty much as simple as that. Its hard to look at reviews and see if the game is actually worth it, as everyone has their own opinions of games.

One persons favorite game will be someone else's most hated and vice versa.

camel_toad2244d ago


"One persons favorite game will be someone else's most hated and vice versa."

I couldn't have said it better myself. My llongtime best friend generally agrees on most games but sometimes our opinions are at polar opposites.

I really liked Darksiders but for him it had too many puzzles.

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Oh_Yeah2244d ago

just watch gameplay vids. its not hard to see that this game is going to be great.

joab7772244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Well, I liked the first but I think that this one is gonna be alot different. 1St, it's much, much bigger, not short like the last one. Second, it has heavy RPG elements with lots of loot. It has a ng+ with different loot for replayability. Also, the combat is gonna b different with Dodge as the main component instead of block. So, while playing the first may be a decent indicator, I think this game will be appealing to a much larger audience this x. It's depth and repayable nature will draw different hardcore gamers that love rpgs. And in the year of the RPG, atleast for this Gen, it could be huge for darksiders 2. I am thinking this game is gonna do very well.

Irishguy952244d ago

Yeah i'm the same with a friend camel toad, we generally agree on gaming, but just one game we have completely different opinions of, Skyrim

victorGma212244d ago

I can't wait to play this game! This will be my next platinum.

Kin23g2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Will, your son must be a goddamn genius.

I spent around 20 minutes on that "remotely difficult" puzzle near the end.

Awesome_Gamer2243d ago

I really can't wait to play this game, i hope it sells well so we can see a third sequel

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showtimefolks2244d ago

if anyone has any doubts just watch the giantbomb quick look and all your doubts will disappear

i was lucky to get on to darksiders 2 limited edition and that's coming from someone who really didn't like the 1st one. This one is like how ND made a huge difference from UC1 to UC2 that's how much potential i think this sequel has

Sieg2244d ago

It certainty sold me. I only play on PC and seeing the PC version of D2 looks this good is a big thumb up in my book. Not to mention support for eyefinity. Maybe.

gaffyh2244d ago

Graphically, it doesn't look that much better than the console versions, so I don't know why people focus on that. What matters more is the actual gameplay elements, which look awesome, although I loved the first game so I'm biased.

TedCruzsTaint2244d ago

Let's hope so, and let's hope that that is reflective in its sales.

While I am not too big on the series, THQ is one of my most respected publishers. I definitely want to see their next few games succeed and help them return to solid ground.

hano2244d ago

I have big doubts.

The first one was

Bobby Kotex2244d ago

I didn't like the first one.

TBM2244d ago

I really enjoyed the first game so I'll be getting this game easily.

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boogeyman9992244d ago

I have to say that I played the shit out of the first one, loved it

Frances-the-Mute2244d ago

Whatever score the game gets, I'm playing this game. End of story.

TooTall192244d ago

I'm BUYING this game. THQ needs the business.

WeskerChildReborned2244d ago

It looks great, i'm definitely gonna try to pick it up this month with Sleeping Dogs.

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