Bots in Gaming: Where Are They?

With the ever-expanding popularity of online gaming, bots are making fewer appearances in the titles on our shelves today. Why would developers want to cater to the inclusion of bots in their games when people can play against each other online?

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Amazingmrbrock2298d ago

Yeah they should bring back bots, just like they should bring back local multiplayer with it. Thing is not having local multiplayer encourages more people to buy the games. Albeit relatively passively, by not allowing you to play with your friends if you don't own said game. Whereas local multiplayers will go to the house of whoever has the game and all play one copy.

Though thats just my take on the whole thing. I think bots and local mp are pretty tied together, after all any game with a single player component already has most of the ai work written for the bots.

_Aarix_2298d ago

I don't know what games you are playing but college duty modern warfare three and gears of war three are pretty new games and they still have bots

BuffMordecai2298d ago

The last game I played that had bots was black ops and it was pretty awesome how you could use them in splitscreen. I wish more games would follow suit.

irishyort2298d ago

Bots are great. I hate playing online. It just seems like so much of a hassle and theres always players far too weak and far too good making it less of an even playing field - at least in the games I have tried.

Timesplitters had the best random bots and settings for them. Hopefully 4 is coming to town one of these days!

Saryk2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I have stated this before on N4G. But I bought MW3 recently on the Steam Summer sale. I have never in my life seen as many cheaters in a game than I have there. I have been playing games since for a very long time. But I have seen a MW3 match one guy with 68 kills and 3 deaths and I’ve seen worse. For now on if a game does not have bots, I will not buy it. I would rather have a always online DRM that cheaters!

To you cheaters, please go and get a vasectomy or a hysterectomy!