Rumor: Wii Fit in April

January 28, 2008 - According to, Nintendo is planning to ship its eagerly anticipated exercise "game," Wii Fit, this April in America. Nintendo itself would has thus far only said that the title would ship sometime in "Q2" of this year, a timeline that would definitely fall in line with April.

Gamefront also reports that Europeans will get the exercise title sometime this June.

More as information becomes available.

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wiizy3857d ago

nice... 3 straight months of wii softwares being on top.. even starting in january... 4 straight months

shine13963857d ago

It might be halo all over again. Nintendo on top when logic says Microsoft ought to be. Or in this case Microsoft and Sony. If this is true, come April, Nintendo are gonna rein supreme. I suppose kudos to nintendo...

aiphanes3857d ago

GTA4 will rule April...and may will be MGS4...The wii only dreams that it could play these two titles....all the wii got is SSBB in march...they should release wiifit in march...nintendo would own march if they did that...

DarkSniper3857d ago

Wii Fit is nothing more than a ploy for Nintendo to steal money away from the casual gamer. Just like Wii Play and some of the other games were. Dark Sniper will tell you that only PLAYSTATION® 3 gives the casual gamer superior motion controls along with visual eye-candy to appease the common and experienced eye.


Fux4Bux3857d ago

Why in gods name is anyone making a buzz over this crap? I'm sure it'll sell well cause it's the next Nintendo gimmick but it's just freaking stupid and has prettymuch no practical use.

bozemanriverrat3857d ago

Because by all accounts from those who've actually spent time with it, its fun? If you want to trash something before you try it, may I suggest the Open forum?